Will Kyle Busch leave Toyota completely?

There was always a major hurdle making it difficult for Kyle Busch to leave Joe Gibbs Racing and continue competing in the NASCAR Cup Series.

Kyle Busch entered the year on a contracting season with Joe Gibbs Racing, further complicated by the fact that before 2022 NASCAR The trophy series season has begun, longtime sponsor M&M has announced that this will be their last season on the #18 Toyota.

More than four months after he admitted it ‘Goodbye’ could be an optionThere was still an abundance of uncertainty. Joe Gibbs Racing was unable to find a replacement sponsor, and what was previously seen as Promising development fell recently.

It was never a secret that the Xfinity Series Driver T-Gibbs is in a position to be promoted to his grandfather’s Cup Series organization at some point, although they would like him to spend two full seasons in the Xfinity Series first.

So, if this scenario is indeed to unfold in 2023, it will always be more complicated for Bosch to sign elsewhere than it would be for any other driver.

However, here we are, and Busch is already set to compete for a new foundation next year, with the official announcement being made He’s ready to join Richard Childress Racing He is expected to come tomorrow morning.

Of course, teams with open seats would be silly to pass a 60-time race winner and two-time champion, and we’ve seen that throughout this whole process.

idea Busch joins Stewart-Haas Racing Ford has been mentioned as a potential option, although that kind of fades away as Eric Almerola is no longer due to retire at the end of the year. Chevrolet emerged as a possibility a little later, not only with Richard Childress Racing but with Kaulig Racing as well.

However, the main obstacle that would have always played out in any of these scenarios (from the manufacturer’s point of view) is the fact that Busch’s Truck Series team, Kyle Busch Motorsports, is Also an organization that has long been allied with Toyota.

So, naturally, if Busch is going to drive a competing manufacturer, say “goodbye” to Toyota’s Truck Series number one feeding team.

Kyle Busch Motorsports has played a key role in developing Toyota’s young talent over the years, and many of the company’s drivers have gone on to enjoy success in the Xfinity series as well as the Cup series.

And one example of a future “young talent” could be Kyle’s son, Brixton.

Let’s also not forget that in addition to whatever salary the new non-Toyota Busch team is scheduled to pay to sign him, there is undoubtedly a huge additional fee for the new plant to get him to swap all of his Toyota Tundras.

He recently admitted that this situation is why it took him so long to make an announcement for next year. This is what he said, According to NBC Sports.

“I would say the Truck Series option with Kyle Busch Motorsports has only made this situation 80-85% more difficult for me. I would have done now if I had been alone.”

And which team from the Cup Series would be hurt the most by Toyota losing a nourishing team like Bosch Power? Joe Gibbs Racing.

There is, of course, only one other Toyota Cup Series team in the 23XI race, but there were no open seats there for 2023 throughout the process. Of course, you may end up being one, Depending on Brother Kurt Bosch’s healthbut as of now, Kurt is signed through next year.

But before reporting that he would be joining Richard Childress Racing, Kyle admitted that he had already been offered contracts by multiple teams and that he needed to make a decision soon, because he needed to be the first “domino” to fall. Was it even possible that 23XI Racing was one of those teams if Kurt himself hadn’t made a decision yet?

Kyle’s ownership of Kyle Busch Motorsports would have made things more complicated for him once he signed for a new team. But given the time it took to confirm his plans, it is not at all surprising that the unexpected turned out to be a reality and this hurdle was overcome.

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