Utah author shares moving stories of spiritual revival in new book

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life is a journey. For many Christian believers—including members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints—part of that journey is aimed at spiritual rebirth at some point. “The journey of faith is a journey that has a purpose. It is that end that leads the diligent seeker to a spiritual baptism performed by God, a true redemption in Christ, resulting in a complete and absolute knowledge of Him,” says an author. Jesus taught in the book of John that this spiritual baptism or being “born of the Spirit” is necessary “to enter the kingdom of God” (John 3:5).

LDS author Stephen Anthony Bishop’s new bookChrist’s clothingIt highlights the doctrine of Christ outlining the steps needed to obtain spiritual baptism or ‘baptism with fire’ by telling the heartfelt stories of nine different people who came to know God through this ‘admirable’ experience. one reviewer The Stretching of the Soul and the Breaking of the Heart is intended to be a guide on the reader’s journey to know God in “full brightness” and clarity.

The author testifies that ‘the same experience which the original apostles had at Pentecost, plus those appearances which we had during Kirtland’s days, can and ought indeed to be ours – that God disrespects persons. All it takes is diligence to seek Him with desire.’ strong will and determination until we find him.”

If you’re a fan of uplifting religious and spiritual works, as well as amazing personal stories of actual salvation, you’ll want to add “The Wearing of Christ” to your reading pile.

Heaven is not too far away

The world has always been fascinated by the stories of people who had near-death experiences that changed their lives. The past decade alone has brought three separate New York Times bestselling memoirs (one of which was made into a movie) all based on near-death experiences that showed recipients evidence of God and heaven.

For a country that many say is no longer interested in religion, the success of these stories demonstrates otherwise.

Utah author shares moving stories of spiritual revival in new book
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Article written by Gideon Lichfield in Atlantic Ocean Many NDErs say their experience was not a dream or a hallucination, but that it was, as they often describe it, “more real than real life.” They have changed profoundly after that, and tend to have difficulty returning to daily life.”

But what if you didn’t have to go through a near-death experience to have such a profound experience that, without a doubt, would guarantee you the knowledge that God is real? The stories told in “The Wearing of Christ” are the stories of people who knew Jesus Christ with the same certainty as anyone who saw heaven.

In either scenario, says Bishop, one cannot be the same then. Each of them will receive a ‘big change’ or conversion of the heart towards God. Bishop asserts that spiritual rebirth is not the same as an NDE, but rather, the same “knowledge of God” obtained during an NDE is equal or similar to many who have known God through spiritual rebirth.

complete knowledge

One of the nine stories written in “The Wearing of Christ” is part of the bishop’s own experience that we talked about in the introduction..

He writes: “The oneness we experience was not only with God as we know them, and they are real, but the oneness seemingly with all nature and the physical and spiritual world around me as well.” It was this experience that eventually led Bishop to start this book and share his story.

The author hopes that readers will do more than just read the book, but use it as a study guide—along with the relevant doctrine of Christ—to help the reader on a personal journey to know the Lord. The bishop says that diligent seekers of the truth can obtain that full knowledge of it through the spiritual manifestation of the power brought about by the Holy Spirit.

One of the stories told in “The Wearing of Christ” is that of Lorenzo Snow, the head of the Church of Jesus Christ. Further details of a man who hit rock bottom in prison as a teenager and cried to God – and was saved.. One tells of a man who lost his son to suicide and was met with an unmistakable audible voice, followed by a spiritual immersion. God after turning to him in the depths of his torment.

In the introduction, Bishop says, “This work … is not just a book to read, but a book to be experienced and lived. It is my life’s calling to write.”

How to get your copy

If you’re on a journey to learn about Christ, or if you’re interested in hearing more of the stories above, you can order your own copy at book site or Amazon. You can sign up for free on the website to read the full introduction first.

“Putting on Christ” is an Amazon bestseller in nine categories and is among the bestselling books ever written on Amazon. All profits from the book will go to remarketing the book as well as helping to feed and house the homeless.

In the words of the author, “The road is real and it is coming. Don’t waste time.” Pick up your copy ofChrist’s clothing” today!

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