The Wonderful World of Smart Things – Today’s Internet of Things

Unleash the power of the Internet of Things with tiny but powerful microelectronics.

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Every year, more and more smart speakers, smartphones, mobile devices, fitness trackers and other smart things are under the Christmas tree. no wonder! We are all fascinated by the many innovative features of these little voice-controlled assistants, digital wallets, and health trackers that can make our lives more convenient.

I know people who never ever take off their smartwatch: in the morning it gently wakes you up, you check emails and news over a cup of coffee, you lock your apartment door by the hour when you leave, in you go Use it as a contactless payment device for Buy yourself a small breakfast, then pay for your subway ticket with your watch. When you arrive at the office, the watch gives you access to the office building, with which you pay for lunch in the canteen. Then he goes to the gym, where the watch keeps track of today’s sporting achievements. In between, phone calls are made. In the evening, the watch acts as a remote control for the TV before you go to sleep and the watch checks vital functions to ensure a restful sleep. And think about what could happen next! I especially look forward to the time my smartwatch automatically turns on the espresso machine when I’m idle.

But what is behind this wonderful world of smart devices? How can my wrist watch measure my pulse, recommend great restaurants near me, and pay for my groceries? What makes my phone smart, and how well does my smart speaker understand me?

The truth is: no Internet of Things without microelectronics.

Versatile and versatile sensors Such as XENSIV™ 60GHz radar sensors, MEMS microphones, PAS CO2 sensors, XENSIV™ digital atmospheric pressure sensors or CAPSENSE™ solutions make IoT devices smarter, enabling the ‘things’ involved to ‘see’, ‘hear’, ‘feel’, ‘smell’ , thus understanding their surroundings and offering stylish, reliable, and easy-to-use capacitive touch sensing functionality to your design. It serves as the “starting point” for every IoT system, capturing environmental information and converting it into digital data.

microcontroller For smart things like the PSoC™6 MCU, the XMC™ microcontroller family, AURIX™ TriCore™ or CAPSENSE™ controllers make products smart by collecting, processing, analyzing and communicating data. It bridges the gap between high performance and low power.

Depending on the “smart” decisions, power semiconductor Convert control signals into action such as movement, light and heat. CoolGaN™ HEMTs, CoolSiC™ MOSFETs, CIPOS™ IPMs or iMOTION™ ICs are perfect examples of IoT solutions. In addition, wireless power has become an integral part of the multifaceted world of smart things. Infineon offers safe and efficient wireless charging solutions for induction and resonance topologies.

reliable connection It is the heartbeat of the Internet of Things. Today’s requirements for mobile devices and wireless applications are becoming increasingly stringent due to 4G/5G. The Infineon AIROC™ portfolio of Wi-Fi® and Bluetooth® products as well as the OPTIGA™ Connect family of secure eSIM carrier-based cellular connectivity for reliable, high-performance connectivity. Infineon is also the market leader in USB and USB-C, having shipped over a billion units since 2008.

Security solutions such as OPTIGA™ Trust M, OPTIGA™ Authenticate, OPTIGA™ TPM or PSOC™ 64 Security Line give “things” a trustworthy identity and enable the growth of new business models. They protect sensitive data, intellectual property and personal privacy, and can contribute significantly to public safety.

Learn more about this exciting world of smart phones This literally turns fantasy into reality.

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