Aalyria, a space internet startup valued at nearly a decade’s worth of intellectual property from Alphabet

Loon balloons float at an altitude of about 20 km, above the birds and the weather. They navigate by moving up or down to catch air currents moving in different directions. Aalyria, a new satellite internet company, has just come out of stealth mode. It is based on work done on the “moonshot” project of … Read more

There is a blind spot in nationwide broadband rollout: the lack of accurate and transparent data about internet access speeds

Imagine buying “up” a gallon of milk for $4.50, or paying “up” to a full tank of fuel. Most people would see such transactions as ridiculous. However, in the field of broadband service, the use of “maximum” speeds has become standard business practice. Unlike other advertisements for goods and services – for example, What the … Read more