The study found that women turn to online support groups for information about cannabis and pregnancy

A new study sheds light on the kind of information pregnant women are looking for online when it comes to giving birth … [+] for cannabis. GT It’s no secret that expectant mothers and women are highly scrutinized for their cannabis use. Since it is unethical to study or experiment on pregnant women, as well … Read more

New artificial intelligence can help humans talk to animals

New developments in artificial intelligence and technology can help humans communicate with them Pets and any other animal species that call Earth home. Outside of the realm of science, the idea of ​​two-way communication between humans and animals has been present in pop culture at least since 1967, when the original “Doctor Dolittle” came out. … Read more

The caregiver’s lament: How to deal with the costs of care

NEW YORK, Nov. 29 (Reuters) – You probably know PJ Byrne from movies, most likely as one of the fast-living psychics alongside Leonardo DiCaprio in The Wolf of Wall Street. But Byrne’s most important role these days is closer to home: that of son and caregiver. His 79-year-old father has been suffering from dementia for … Read more

The suspect with mental health issues faces 8 counts

Police: The Prior Lakes family fled the home before the suspect barricaded himself inside The suspect fled police on Friday afternoon and ran into a home, with Prior Lake officers close behind them. The family fled the home before the suspect barricaded himself inside. A standoff with police began for nearly nine hours. Prior Lake, … Read more

What are the expectations for the housing market?

(Photo by David McNew/Getty Images) Getty Images main sockets Home sales fell for the ninth month in a row, with transactions down 28.4% from this time last year. Average prices also fell, coming in at $379,100, compared to $413,800 in June. It comes as mortgage rates continue to rise rapidly, hovering around 7% from less … Read more

Column: China picks up the American beans while the pig herd is still in check

NAPPERVILLE, Illinois, Nov. 17 (Reuters) – China has been choppy in the U.S. soybean market lately, though its purchases last week were unexpectedly large and probably badly needed as supplies of the largest bean ran out. imported. However, China’s pig industry, the largest in the world, could be on rocky ground as evidenced by rising … Read more

First TVs, now tortilla chips: American companies set minimum prices to stop discounting

NEW YORK, Nov. 17 (Reuters) – Makers of everything from toys to wafers are increasingly placing minimum prices on their items to maintain profits and limit price cuts as retailers like Walmart do so. (WMT.N) and Inc (AMZN.O) Trying to attract sales from each other over the Internet. As a result, shoppers are faced … Read more

Trump’s 2024 presidential bid was a new wrinkle for the markets

NEW YORK (Reuters) – Former President Donald Trump’s entry into the 2024 presidential race on Tuesday confirmed the world’s “worst-kept secrets” and created another variable for markets that some investors say remains a low priority for now. Trump, who has launched relentless attacks on voting integrity in the United States since his defeat in the … Read more

John Rahm: Rory McIlroy’s take on Liv and ‘unbelievable’ performance | Concerns about Sergio Garcia’s legacy | Golf News

John Rahm has hailed Rory McIlroy’s efforts as “incredible” on and off the golf course this year World No. 5 John Rahm has praised Rory McIlroy’s stance against Leaf Golf along with his golf performances this year, and admits he worries about fellow Spaniard Sergio Garcia’s legacy. McIlroy is targeting more success in Dubai this … Read more

Zelensky says it’s time to pressure Russia for peace

Zelensky urges world leaders to press for peace now Ukraine PM says Russia defeat Kherson, time to end war Zelensky welcomes any comment between the US and China on the nuclear threat Kherson residents recount abuses committed by Russian forces Kherson, Ukraine (Reuters) – Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky urged world leaders on Tuesday to support … Read more