Urban rebuilding is bringing wildlife into the heart of cities

CNN – Visions of the urban future tend to revolve around miles-tall skyscrapers, flying cars and high-tech solutions to sustainability challenges. But another vision predicts a return to the wilderness upon which cities were once built, complete with forests and wild animals long lost. This vision is beginning to materialize in major cities around the … Read more

Falling home prices is coming. High unemployment could make it much worse

London CNN Business – Last year, Auckland’s largest real estate company was unable to sell properties fast enough to meet demand in New Zealand’s largest city. Homes were “flying out the door,” said Grant Sykes, a principal at the Barfoot & Thompson real estate agency. “There were chin-breaking moments when agents would stand across the … Read more

The post-pandemic mental health breakdown in the entertainment industry

Silhouette of a production in progress on a white stage. GT Mental health has begun to be treated with more importance over the past decade. Charities, non-profit organizations, and campaigns were launched around the world as we began to realize as a society that mental health is just as vital as physical health. Usually at … Read more

London’s rental market has become a ‘nightmare’. Here’s why

London CNN Business – For Rebecca Blasquez, the past few weeks have been a “nightmare.” The 22-year-old university graduate lives in Madrid but hopes to find work in London before starting her master’s degree, and has spent a month searching online for a room to rent. in London on a budget of £900 ($1,070). I … Read more

Russia says the British Navy blew up Nord Stream, and London denies involvement

Russia says British Navy personnel have blown up pipelines Russia says British naval personnel helped attack Crimea Russia does not provide evidence for the claim Britain denies the Russian allegations Russia says it will seek the attention of the United Nations LONDON (Reuters) – The Russian Defense Ministry said on Saturday that British naval personnel … Read more

New Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has vowed to pull Britain out of the economic crisis

Sunak meets King Charles on Tuesday morning He pledges to rebuild confidence in the country It is expected to start forming the treasury Sunak faces a huge challenge to rebuild stability LONDON (Reuters) – Rishi Sunak became Britain’s third prime minister in two months on Tuesday, pledging to lead the country out of a deep … Read more

The world’s largest dirty energy club is cracking – Politico

Click play to listen to this article The fossil fuel industry is facing the unraveling of one of its most important international agreements — and the man running the show isn’t taking it very well. A string of major EU governments have now abandoned the Energy Charter Treaty (ECT), a deal between 53 countries originally … Read more

It is clear that Rishi Sunak is the most likely to be the new British Prime Minister after the withdrawal of Boris Johnson

London CNN – Former British Chancellor of the Exchequer Rishi Sunak emerged on Sunday as the frontrunner to be the next in the country. first Ministerafter, after Boris Johnson He largely withdrew from the race to be the leader of the Conservative Party. Incumbent Prime Minister Liz Truss resigned last week after just six weeks … Read more

The race to be the UK’s next prime minister begins as momentum builds behind Boris Johnson

Mordaunt becomes the first to announce his intent to run Candidates must reach the target of 100 nominations Sunak is a bookmaker’s favourite The winner will be the fifth British Prime Minister in six years LONDON (Reuters) – Three senior ministers on Friday threw their weight behind Boris Johnson to return as prime minister after … Read more

British Prime Minister Truss vows to keep going as her party’s support wanes

Truss says she’s sorry for making mistakes She says it’s “rolled up” The economic agenda that caused the abolition of the market Some Conservative MPs have called for her to resign LONDON (Reuters) – British Prime Minister Liz Truss warned of tough times ahead after she scrapped her sweeping tax cut plan and said she … Read more