The Nets’ TJ Warren is looking to provide depth post-comeback

TJ Warren finally made his long-awaited return to the NBA court on Friday. Now what’s in front of him? How networks will use it and what it does Often injured veteran Forward you bring to the team? “Just an effort,” Warren said. “My ability to be so versatile out there, to be a two-way player, … Read more

Kanye West claims he ‘caught’ Kim Kardashian with Chris Paul

Kanye West claimed he once “caught” his ex-wife, Kim Kardashian, with NBA player Chris Paul in a Twitter rant Thursday night. rapper who The account has since been suspended Because of the anti-Semitic language, he wrote that he wanted to “break one last window” before he left the social media app. “Before we got out … Read more

How Shaquille O’Neal’s New Documentary Brings Untold Confessions

I own a replica Shaquille O’Neal shirt from almost every team he played for in the US NBA. My first tattoo back in the day? The Superman logo, much like the O’Neil logo, is on the biceps. That “The World Is Mine” tattoo on his left bicep? It wasn’t inspired by the movie “Scarface”. This … Read more

The Knicks are confident they can fix their three-point shooting problems

This season Tom Thibodeau has focused the Knicks to attempt more 3-point shots, but it’s clear they need to start converting more of them to improve their 9-11 record in the quarterback of their 82-game schedule. After a foul in the 20 of 30 chance of long runs in Sunday’s loss to MemphisThe Knicks sit … Read more

Could Ben Simmons and Nick Claxton get along for the Nets?

Ben Simmons has shown He’s back to his old self. Nick Claxton has proven that he can be a regular starter in the NBA. This means that they will have to co-exist in the starting lineup for the Nets. And whether the two non-shooters can learn how to thrive together may be the biggest factor … Read more

Thompson: Klay Thompson finally exploded — and made the Warriors’ blueprint clear

This was the performance he had longed for. It was worth his obvious strut. Clay Thompson He had the right to speak like that, flash with four fingers, growl from his diaphragm, and bark at his critics. But that wasn’t how Thompson felt after his first monster performance of the season, a 41-point night leading … Read more

How dangerous is it? What happened to the Utah Jazz guard?

Portland, Ore. • While the Utah Jazz’s early season success was an interesting story about the league, there was widespread speculation that the team was just one hit from Mike Conley or a trade away from utter ruin. Well, about that… At 10:30 in the third quarter on Saturday night at the Moda Center, the … Read more

Thompson: The Warriors’ two timelines are faltering, something has to be served

Sacramento – With 9:03 left, after a fastball layup by Diaron Fox 7-0 boom in 55 seconds capped the host, the Warriors Coach Steve Kerr called the timeout. He couldn’t wait any longer. Stephen Curry And the Draymond Green Have to come back again. This, in fact, was going to be another minute-heavy night, and … Read more

Why the Clippers Warriors’ cold starts are unlikely to last: A study of 5 surprising starts in the NBA

Nearly three weeks from NBA The season is in rear view, and there are enough movies we have to gather our thoughts. Not to overreact or underestimate the things we saw, but simply to react responsibly. This week’s column is about teams that got off to a surprisingly good and bad start, and I debate … Read more