Seismic shifts in international data markets demand an update of broadband Internet policy

Through the parallel internet, platforms have driven seismic shifts in global data flows. GT The global policy movement to improve connectivity and bridge the digital divide has generated reports on international data markets and associated regulatory policies. The papers sometimes introduce confusing terms: usage, transitivity, gaze, and association. Each term has a specific meaning and … Read more

Apple sued iPhone privacy settings after Gizmodo story

picture: LOIC VENANCE / Contributor (Getty Images) Apple is facing a class action lawsuit for allegedly collecting iPhone user data even when the company’s privacy settings promise not to. The lawsuit, which was filed Thursday in federal court in California, comes days later Exclusively reported by Gizmodo When looking at how many iPhone apps send … Read more

Apple apps track you even with privacy protections in: Report

picture: Greg Baker / Contributor (Getty Images) For all the Apple talk about how private your iPhone is, the company dumps a lot of data about you. iPhones have a privacy setting that should turn off this tracking. According to a new report from independent researchers, though, Apple collects very detailed information about you through … Read more

The role of the industrial Internet is growing rapidly

5G-enabled remote driving technology was displayed at a booth during the ongoing Fifth China International Import Expo in Shanghai. [ZHANG WEI/CHINA DAILY] Industry and experts report emphasizes teamwork across different sectors After reviewing an industry report, officials and experts said that teamwork across various sectors is essential to accelerating the development of the industrial internet, … Read more

Some Detroiters may pay more than their neighbors for the same internet

Highland Park, Michigan (WXYZ) – “Come and talk to us. We’ll show you how it’s done. Come learn from us and give it back to your communities and get the job done,” said Dudley new study He says Detroiter is being charged the same prices for the very unequal internet service. The study Through a … Read more

ByteDance, Pinduoduo launches overseas e-commerce sites in defiance of Amazon

ByteDance, owner of TikTok, has launched a women’s fashion website called If Yooou. Pinduoduo has launched an e-commerce website in the US called Temu. The two companies are the latest Chinese tech giants looking to penetrate the international e-commerce market dominated by Amazon. Mike Kemp | Pictures | Getty Images Bindudu And TikTok owner ByteDance … Read more

MO Police Chief Jailed, Schmidt requests email and internet speeds

Opinion and comment Editorials and other opinion content provide perspectives on issues important to our community and are independent of the work of our newsroom reporters. When was the last time you heard of a police chief charged with a felony drug smuggling? Bigstock Police chief arrested for trafficking The line between lawbreakers and law … Read more

Astrophysics have just made a new count of all the dark matter and dark energy in the universe

A new analysis of more than 1,500 supernovae has established new accuracy in measurements of the dark matter and dark energy that permeate our universe. According to research, about two-thirds of the universe (66.2%) is made up of dark energy, and the remaining third (33.8%) is made up of matter. Almost all matter is so-called … Read more

They say Web3 is the future of the Internet. but how?

Opinions expressed by entrepreneur Shareholders are their own. today blockchain There is much in common between early landscapes InternetIt is the impractical, insecure, and unregulated “wild west” of loosely connected protocols that hardly seem to constitute the basic infrastructure of future trade. It is clear that early critics of the Internet were wrong that no … Read more

Hidden Functions in iOS Apps and Android Files

File management has only recently come to smartphones in a serious way, but the default file apps that are now appearing on Android and iOS are now steadily growing in terms of the functions and features they offer. In a very short time, we’ve gone from not being able to access the files on the … Read more