Seismic shifts in international data markets demand an update of broadband Internet policy

Through the parallel internet, platforms have driven seismic shifts in global data flows. GT The global policy movement to improve connectivity and bridge the digital divide has generated reports on international data markets and associated regulatory policies. The papers sometimes introduce confusing terms: usage, transitivity, gaze, and association. Each term has a specific meaning and … Read more

India’s digital health ecosystem is an unparalleled opportunity

The Indian healthcare system is a remarkable phenomenon in many ways. Boasting one of the largest social health programs in the world, as well as amazing research and development facilities, the country has certainly become a force in its relatively short period as an independent nation. However, in consonance, India certainly hosts a unique barrage … Read more

The Biden administration announced $8 billion in pledges to address hunger, nutrition and health issues

Today, President Biden and senior officials hosted White House Conference on Hunger, Nutrition and Health. The goal of the conference is straightforward: to address the issues of food insecurity and diet-related chronic diseases that afflict millions of Americans annually. The White House has highlighted how nearly $8 billion in private and public sector commitments have … Read more