Is the market bottoming out? 5 reasons US stocks may continue to suffer as next year approaches.

With the S&P 500 holding above 4000 and the CBOE Volatility Gauge, known as the “Vix” or Wall Street’s “fear gauge,” the VIX, +0.74% Having fallen to one of its lowest levels for the year, many Wall Street investors are starting to wonder if lows are finally here for stocks — especially now that the … Read more

How do you live as an entrepreneur?

font size Going forward as an entrepreneur, you’ll discover that all the skills you’re in the process of mastering between working hours will come in handy in your personal life as well, writes Noam Wasserman. dream time About the author: Noam Wasserman He is Dean of the S. Sims School of Business at Yeshiva University … Read more

China suspends access to area around iPhone facility after workers flee COVID restrictions

China suspended access to an industrial park in the central city of Zhengzhou after the city reported 64 cases of the COVID virus and workers who collected Apple’s AAPL, -1.15% iPhone escaped from factory to avoid restrictions, The Associated Press reported. No one can enter or leave for one week except to deliver food and … Read more

The stock markets have been really terrible this year – but here’s a way that can help on your next tax return

Here’s some solace to anyone who’s been attacked in the stock market this year: A battering your portfolio can provide some advantage in the upcoming tax season. It’s a strategy called “tax loss harvesting,” and as tax planning approaches the end of the year, financial experts say this backward strategy shouldn’t be limited to just … Read more

Take advantage of this great spot in the bond market now to boost your portfolio

The bond market now offers investors a sweet bargain, with short to medium maturities providing a good mix of risk and reward. When interest rates rise, bond prices fall. The longer a bond’s maturity, the more sensitive its market value is to changes in interest rates. This means that as the Federal Reserve continues to … Read more

Why Questions Are Concerning Who Will Buy More Than $31 Trillion Of US Debt – And At What Price

For the first time ever, the national debt of the United States exceeded above 31 trillion dollars This month, as the Federal Reserve backs away from buying government bonds and foreign investors’ interest in it wanes. With the biggest players out of the picture, Treasurys is now looking for another reliable group of buyers. There’s … Read more

The bear market may not be over but some company insiders are doing the same

It’s too early to declare the bear market over, but it’s never too early to start building your own stock buy list when conditions are more favorable. That’s the conclusion I drew from an analysis of recent insider transactions from Najat Sihoun, a professor of finance at the University of Michigan and one of the … Read more

Morgan Stanley says investors should consider this port in the market storm right now

It appears that the massive selloff in the British pound, which is credited with exacerbating the global rout of markets last week, will continue to wreak havoc on Monday. Old Blighty’s economic woes add to the list of growing concerns in the markets, which is driving more investors into the dollar and out of riskier … Read more

Falling markets block technology, the dollar, and private equity

font size Japan had to step in to support the sliding yen for the first time since 1998, even as it tries to keep interest rates low. Akio-kun / Bloomberg The world has been hooked on cheap money for years. We are now seeing what withdrawal looks like. Raising interest rates from zero led to … Read more

The S&P 500 saw its third drop of more than 10%. Here’s what history shows about previous bear markets hitting new lows from there, according to Bespoke.

Stocks fell sharply after the Federal Reserve announced on Wednesday that it had raised its benchmark rate by three-quarters of a percentage point while battling inflation, with the S&P 500 Index continuing its slide that Bespoke Investment Group described as its third decline. “Where this bear market ultimately lies is anyone’s guess, and events outside … Read more