US online casino gambling set for expansion

Wayne Barry The Associated Press Atlantic City, NJ – With sports betting spreading across the country as states, casinos, and consumers eagerly embrace the new gambling market, online casino games have grown much more slowly. Participants at a major casino conference on Friday said that the online casino market has huge potential for growth and … Read more

More than 7 million seniors in the United States suffer from mental decline that threatens financial skills

By Alan Mozes HealthDay Reporter (health day) MONDAY, Sept. 19, 2022 (HealthDay News) — As Americans age, millions end up suffering from dementia or some level of memory impairment and a diminished ability to think clearly and make decisions. after a New study He says that despite these serious challenges, many older adults continue to … Read more

Massive Social Security increase on the way: 3 things every retiree should know | Smart Change: Personal Finance

(Keith Spetses) Baseball star Yogi Berra once said, “A nickel isn’t worth a dime anymore.” It’s a funny – but true – statement. The value of money decreases over time due to the effect of inflation. Most Social Security recipients have experienced this in person. They have felt the pinch of price hikes in just … Read more

In the latest poll, the terms of purchase were the worst in decades – MeshTalk

Worst purchase terms in decades Bloomberg Reports Americans see worst buying conditions in decades of high prices Data released on Friday showed that the University of Michigan’s preliminary sentiment index rose to 71 from 70.3 in August. The number followed the average score of 72 in a Bloomberg survey of economists. Terms of purchase for … Read more

Memories of the Great Migration of Sandhill Cranes | Date

After perching on the Platte River near Wood River, Nebraska, sandpipers begin their daily search for food during their annual migration. Each spring, approximately one million sandpipers (more than 80% of the world’s population) have a permanent Platte River Preserve in central Nebraska. Sheritha Jones Omaha World Herald Chief Librarian Chris Machian, World Herald The … Read more

How to calculate how much money your spare time is worth

picture: Anthonydiaz (stock struggle) Time is money, or so they say. but how much is it for you Is the time really worth it? When you’re deciding what you’ll be doing in your spare time, it can be helpful to put a price tag on it to determine what trade-offs you’re really making. Find out … Read more

Quantitative tightening is about to intensify. What does that mean for the markets?

The Federal Reserve now owns about a third of the Treasury and mortgage-backed securities markets as a result of its emergency asset purchase to support the US economy during the Covid-19 pandemic. Two years of so-called quantitative easing doubled the central bank’s balance sheet to $9 trillion, equivalent to 40% of the country’s GDP. By … Read more