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Red Renon

Justin and Caroline, mother and father, with daughter Ruby and son Reed. Photos courtesy of Caroline Pellisi RenonAdvance Staten Island

Staten Island, NY – Reed’s 2nd Annual Gathering! Set to be Saturday, October 1 from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. at Nansen Park in the Reed community of Travis, organizers say there will be something for everyone.

At just 2 1/2, when the coronavirus pandemic was rampant, Reid Renon, now 5, was diagnosed with Morquio A syndrome, an extremely rare genetic disorder caused by the body’s inability to process waste due to an enzyme deficiency.

Not only will the fundraising proceeds help Reed’s care and treatment, but will also fund research to find a cure for Morquio A syndrome, an extremely rare genetic disorder caused by the body’s inability to process waste due to an enzyme deficiency.

Red Renon

Red Renon, now 5, was diagnosed with Morquio A syndrome. A fundraiser for Reed and for Research is scheduled for Saturday, October 1 from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. at Travis’ Nansen Park. (Courtesy/Caroline Bellesi Renon)Advance Staten Island

The condition can cause progressive damage to a child’s central nervous system, spine, heart, organs, bones, joints, eyes, ears, and respiratory system, and can cause physical disabilities.

Children with Morquio A syndrome are missing or do not produce enough enzymes that break down the sugar naturally produced in the body. The disorder affects approximately 200,000 to 300,000 births.

“Reed was diagnosed at the beginning of the pandemic, and it’s a difficult time for doctors and specialists and a time when everything has stopped,” said Reed’s mother, a retail health nurse. “Surgery had to be done to put him in port. And that was at a time when operating rooms were closed and only one of the parents was allowed to be with him.”

Red Renon

Reid Renon, 5, stops for a photo. (Courtesy/Caroline Bellesi Renon)Advance Staten Island

It was said that there is no cure for this disease, which is said to be progressive and primarily affects the skeletal systems.

The Rinons have now formed the “Rally for Reed Foundation Inc.,” in order to better help liquidate the funds raised to donate to Morquio research. They plan to host a fundraiser each year until a cure is found.

And although Red’s 3-year-old sister, Ruby, was a carrier, she did not contract the disease.

Red Renon

Red Renon, 5, and his sister, Robbie Renon, 3, share some fun at the lemonade stand. (Courtesy/Caroline Bellesi Renon)Advance Staten Island

And since Reed’s parents are both medical professionals—his father is an emergency room nurse at the University of Staten Island Hospital, Prince Bay—Renon’s family is well aware of their son’s condition and much-needed treatments and follow-up.

Reed is using a hearing aid and will have hip surgery within the next six months.

But the Renon family is hopeful that with more research funded, a cure will be on the horizon.

Red Renon

Red Renon was diagnosed with Morquio A syndrome. Reed’s fundraiser is scheduled for Saturday, October 1 from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. in Nansen Park, Travis. (Courtesy/Caroline Bellesi Renon)Advance Staten Island

RED Treatments

Every week on Tuesdays, Reed undergoes a four-hour injection at his home in Travis with the help of a follow-up visiting nurse. He receives help at school through the health section, physical and occupational therapy.

The medication he’s receiving is called Vimizim, and it’s a synthetic version of the enzyme he’s naturally lacking — an enzyme that can break down some glucose molecules to help prevent them from accumulating and attacking his body.

“We put a huge responsibility on doing every bit of research possible, making the best impact and helping kids like Reed who need it. We also do a great deal of outreach to other Morquio A families,” adds Caroline.

Red Renon

Reid Renon, resting on the stairs of his Travis home. (Courtesy/Caroline Bellesi Renon)Advance Staten Island

“Rally for Reid! Fun money making

On tap will have plenty of draw baskets, DJ and live band, as well as face painting, rock wall climbing, garden games, snorkeling tank, mini golf and balloon animals.

Red Renon

Rally For Reed, Reed Rinon’s fundraiser on Saturday, October 1 from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. at Nansen’s Park. (Courtesy/The Renon Family)Advance Staten Island

According to Reed’s mother, Carolyn Pellisi-Renon, Reed’s favorite group is the Beatles, so the Beatles tribute will also be a part of the day’s fare, as will the Mac truck (mac and cheese) and many more.

While several hundred tickets have already been purchased for children and adults, tickets until the day of the event can still be purchased at the door – with cash preferred on that day.

Those who wish to donate to Reed and the Rinon family can do so through VenmoHelloMyNameisReed

Tickets can be purchased now @ https://www.tickettailor.com/events/rallyforreed/727838

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