QB Tyler Van Dyke confident of going to Texas A&M

Miami Hurricanes Quarterback Tyler Van Dyke He was the first to admit that his performance against Miss South on Saturday was not up to his level.

Van Dyck took some time to find a rhythm against the Golden Eagles and finished the game 20 of 29 for 253 yards with one touchdown and one interception.

During the post-game press conference, Van Dyck made it clear that he understood that this kind of performance wouldn’t be good enough against a talented Texas A&M defense.

“We won’t win next weekend if you play like that today,” Van Dijk said.

So what did Van Dyck notice about his performance after watching the movie The Game? He needs to clean up his basics.

“I think some of the missed throws were just basic wisdom, I’m exaggerating a bit and not putting my feet in the right place and facing my body. That’s why I missed some low throws. That’s what I’ve been working on today and the last few days and I’m definitely correcting that.”

According to the people at Pro Football Focus, Van Dyke had a 56.6 pass score, the worst passing score since his debut at North Carolina State in the 2021 season.

In this driving game, Van Dyck got off to a slow start, but found rhythm in the second half and finished the game 20 of 45 with 264 yards with one touchdown and three interceptions.

A week after that game in North Carolina, Van Dyck went out and played one of his most impressive home games of his career against a talented NC State defense.

Against North Carolina State, Van Dyck completed 25 of 33 passes for 325 yards with four touchdowns while leading the Hurricanes to a 31-30 victory. That NC State game was Van Dyke’s highest passing passing performance by a PFF against a Power Five opponent with a passing score of 90.0.

“You can either forget what happened or correct the mistakes,” Van Dyck said of his approach to subpar performance improvement. “Obviously I am a guy who wants to fix mistakes. I watched the movie to basically see what I have to do and get into the field and fix it. I am a guy who will always be competitive and will try to be better than I was the week before regardless of the performance. I obviously have to I’ll be better this week.”

One possible fix for Van Dyke moving forward? Be more decisive in deciding where he wants to go with the ball and get it out quickly.

That 2021 UNC game had Van Dyke’s longest average throw time in 2021 at 2.86 seconds. Against the Southern Miss on Saturday, Van Dyke’s average throw time was 2.88 seconds.

Among the Power Five quarterbacks with at least 40 men this season, Van Dyke’s average throw time of 2.88 seconds ranks 44th out of 58 players. The players around him on this scale are double threats who can buy extra time with their legs like FSU Jordan Travis (2.87 seconds), Kentucky Will Levis (2.88 seconds), Florida Anthony Richardson (2.90 sec).

When Van Dijk was one of the country’s hottest quarterbacks during the last six games of the season, he’s got the ball in under 2.65 seconds in four of the games – those fractions of seconds count, especially against an athletically talented defense like Texas A&M this week.

With just two games, Texas A&M’s defense allowed 112 yards per game, which ranks sixth nationally and TAMU ranks ninth nationally in defending passing efficiency. Aggies totaled four bags a year.

Pro Football Focus ranked TAMU’s coverage as the best in the country at 86th. The rush was ranked 48th nationally, according to the PFF.

“Their safes and angles are big, tall guys that would make the receivers work,” Van Dyck said of TAMU’s defense. “They have really good players and we’re excited to play with them.”

Van Dyck is looking forward to the opportunity to play on the big stage this week at Kyle Field, a stadium that seats more than 100,000 spectators.

“It’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity against a great team with great defense,” Van Dijk said of this week’s match. “They have good players. It will be a challenge and we will be ready for it.”

Read on for news and notes from Tuesday’s media availability.

News & Notes

– Van Dyck admitted that he loves to perform plays in the road environment: “It feels good when you go into another team’s stadium and play plays and keep the audience quiet.”

– Van Dyck on his confidence level with the receiver set out Xavier Restrepo: “I see it practical all the time. Any of these guys can come out of nowhere in the game. Key’Shawn, Mike Redding, Frank and Jacolby are going back this game, and Brashard and Mello are back too. These guys are going forward and making more of what they did at the start of fall camp, Which is a good thing. They worked on it a lot.”

– WR Xavier Restrepo On how Van Dyke handled the performance against the Southern Miss: “He took everything under his control and I told him to relax, it’s a team effort. The way he responded in the second half was great. We obviously started slow, but that’s about execution and we have to improve with that.” on Greentree”.

– dB terek stevenson He says he continues to work on his press coverage. “This is something I need to work on on the line,” Stephenson said. “Proceed to your hands at the line of scrimmage and stay in front of the receiver a little longer.”

Stevenson believes in talent and ability Owner Curtis He is confident that he can do well if he sticks to the process. “He’s a great player,” Stephenson said. “He is much faster and more energetic than me. We just teach him to stay confident and keep coming. Things happen like that at full-backs. We get beaten all the time.”

— Stevenson on what he told the team about dealing with a hostile environment: “Don’t hit the stars. We go to one of the loudest stadiums in college football. It’s a big game, but don’t let the game be bigger than it is.”

– dB James Williams On the Texas A&M attack: “It’s a great football team that we have to travel and go and see. We want to take advantage of this opportunity to see what we can do and how we compete. We are taking everything step by step. We are slowly preparing for this big game.”

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