PHIL SOUSSAN Apologizes to NIKKI SIXX for Derogatory Comment About MÖTLEY CRÜE’s Performance During ‘The Stadium Tour’

former OZZY OSBOURNE and current last in line Guitar player Phil Susan have apologized to Nikki Six To make an insulting comment about motley crowe‘s “Stadium Tour”.

after attending crushSeptember 9th party with Def LeppardAnd the cm And the Joan Jett and Black Hearts in Las Vegas, Susan He took to his social media to share some photos from the show, and he included the following message (as per mineral sludge): “I went to see these guys yesterday at the 2nd row center of the #allegiantstadium it was so cool! #poison literally had nothing but a fun time – Brit And the Copy it was amazing. #defleppard Of course we’re amazing and pristine! motley Unfortunately not much… I have never seen an empty space so quickly after only a few songs.”

six x caught the wind SusanShare in Instagram He simply replied, “Thank you ElephantAnd add an emoji with the middle finger.

Elephant I spoke to him crush Statements in a new interview with Registered artists starring Adika Live! Speaking of Las Vegas party, which marked the final date of the 2022 station “Stadium Tour”He said (as written by BLABBERMOUTH.NET): “It was a great show. It was good. Where I was, the sound wasn’t great. I was actually up front, but the sound was…also [because of] where you were sitting or [they had a] Bad soundman. I said something about it unintentionally, without thinking, just really stupid, and I think I might have offended. Nikki. So I wrote to him. I said, man, I’m really sorry. I didn’t mean to say anything. It wasn’t bad. It was just, like, [I was] Hoping to be better [than it was]. “

Susan He continued, “I’ve always tried to traverse this world just trying to say something positive, bring something positive… You have to say something nice about things. Then sometimes you don’t think and say something without thinking. And mea culpa; I have to have those Stuff Bad – totally bad.

“It’s just one of those silly things,” he added. “You say a thousand beautiful things and no one remembers it; you say a bad thing and everyone keeps commenting [about it]…and thank God for, like, chat. I open my mouth and that’s some kind of news shit? are you kidding me? who are these people? Collect all these bad things and just try to move the pot.”

Susan He went on to say that he had “a Many of respect for men in motley crowe. He explained that I have a lot of history with them. I always wish them the best going forward. I hope they keep moving forward and [continue] Good Condition. And as I said, if I offended anyone, I felt… The moment I saw it, I pulled it down and wrote a letter of apology. I mean, that’s it. It’s, like, come on. “

Elephant As praised Nikki In person, saying, “He’s a marketing genius. He’s a songwriter. He’s the guy who keeps the whole machine running. And again, mea culpa. And to me to say something superfluous and sloppy, yeah — my bad.”

Three and a half years ago, Susan I opened up about his contributions to Vince NealSolo album for the first time in 1993 “exposed to”. Despite the fact that he co-wrote five of the 11 songs on motley crowe singer disc Susan He is not credited with playing in the scoring. Claiming to put “some” bus tracks that ended up “exposed to”And the Susan He said the story of his involvement with the LP “was an unfortunate one. I put the whole project together with Vince And we started writing songs and many of those songs were leftover songs I was writing for OzzyHe said, “When I left OzzyI took these songs with me. That’s why a lot of that stuff comes in. So, when you listen to it ‘the edge’that it “Sato”When you listen to it “The look in her eyes”It’s like ‘bark on the moon’. equivalent paths. And you can hear it. The unfortunate thing is Steve Stevens [Neil‘s guitarist for the album], which turned out to be, you know, more like a snake on the lawn. I don’t know what his personal issues were, but he got into the project and once he got there, he basically expressed his frustration. He was planning on writing all the songs, playing the bass, and doing all these things. And I said, No, that’s not how it’s going to work. You will work as a band. He said, “Well, that’s how I do it Billy the idol’ I said: Well, that’s Billy the idol. This is not so Vince Neal“.Then he started the manipulation process. Not a nice guy. I don’t know to this day why he did that. I kind of regressed.”

He continued, “At a certain point, it looked like it was going to be very difficult to move forward. We had many problems. The manager had just passed away – Bruce Bird. was keeping Vince And everyone together, and at that point, it started to get messy, and I backed out. And that would be the end of it. Then one day my manager called me and said, “Oh, you need to know that Steve Stevens Not only did he put his name on some of your songs, but he cut you off as well. I said, “That’s it,” and issued an injunction Warner Brothers. He had no evidence to support his claim. We had everything. We all had offers. We all had the lyrics. We had old tapes Steve Being in the band. He had no way to prove it. At the end of the day, that’s how it went. But, unfortunately, if you look at the credits on the album, you’ll find his name on a bunch of songs even though he wasn’t involved. There is nothing I can do about it.”

Susan He added, “It’s sad to meet a kind of stupid person and that’s what it was. Nothing against Vince. I still see Vince All the time. And the guys are in the band, too. ruby [Crane]. I like rubywho was originally a guitar player in the band [before switching to bass]. “

Nile recruits StevensAnd the Crane The percussion guitarist Dave Marshall to “exposed to” The tour that saw Nile open for Van Halen.

critically acclaimed effort, “exposed to” It peaked at number 13 on the US album chart and failed to receive a gold certification.

Nile finally back motley crowe in 1997.

Nikki Six image credit: Jason Schultz / SiriusXM / Screenshot below with permission from mineral sludge

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