The Department of Transportation provides $160 million for smart infrastructure; Ford is looking into a smartphone-based app for pedestrian protection

The Department of Transportation (DOT) announced Monday that it will provide $160 million in grants available annually over the next five years for technology that will improve the nation’s transportation infrastructure and make communities safer. This includes funding for vehicle technology, such as automation and connectivity, the department said. “As we undertake the most ambitious … Read more

Study links auto sales success to internet responsiveness

Major auto dealer groups tout their digital retail operations and prowess, but many of them only rank first in the mystery shopping survey Pied Piper. The online lead effectiveness study conducted by the consulting firm primarily measures how quickly large dealer stores respond to a specific question sent through their websites. Autoresponder is not counted. … Read more

Apple wins patent for a scene camera system for a mixed reality headset that includes a 2D array of cameras

Today, the US Patent and Trademark Office has officially granted Apple a patent for a new HMD camera system that includes a two-dimensional array of cameras that take pictures of specific parts of a scene. Today, the US Patent and Trademark Office has officially granted Apple a patent for a new HMD camera system that … Read more

Healthcare Cloud Computing Market – The future of the healthcare sector and how technological breakthroughs will affect it in the coming years

worldwide Cloud computing market for healthcare It is valued at US$48.21 billion in 2021 and is expected to reach US$148.19 billion by 2028 at a compound annual growth rate of 17.4% over the forecast period. Adoption of big data analytics, wearable devices and IoT in healthcare, increasing prevalence of cloud in healthcare sector, and increasing … Read more

‘Thursday Night Football’ Amazon Bow ‘Wow’ Says Prime Video Exec – Deadline

“While we are still waiting for the official Nielsen Ratings Our measurement shows audience numbers exceeded all our expectations in terms of viewership, “Prime Video’s Best Sports Director Jay Marine Today in a memo to staff he said about the “wow” of the broadcast official Launching on September 15th. NFL 2022 schedule: Primetime TV games, … Read more

‘We’ve Stepped Back’: Librarians Face Unprecedented Attacks Amid Right-Wing Book Ban | libraries

IIf there’s one thing Jason Cole has learned in the 23 years since earning his degree in library science, it’s that the fact that you’re a librarian hardly aligns with fairytale fairy tales. “You tell people you are a librarian and they think you spend your days reading and recommending books,” he said. Most of … Read more

Essie Wood’s hypnotic paintings reveal the darker side of femininity

Icy WoodThe panels work like a Tumblr mercury mood board from the early 2000s. Formulated in Stream Consciousness style, the works appear to be very intimate and impersonal. Wood’s style is imparted by the hand of a skilled painter, and it’s a game alike pop art And the Surrealism. Focusing on ordinary household items, Wood’s … Read more

Royal expert claims Meghan Markle made a valiant request to King Charles

Meghan Markle’s fans split the internet after claiming the Duchess of Sussex was the only member of the royal family who cried at Queen Elizabeth’s funeral – when it was clear that others were crying. Prince Harry’s wife was seen wiping a tear during a touching ceremony at Westminster Abbey on Monday, with traces of … Read more