Dawn Staley, WNBA stars highlight Warriors women’s basketball

Before the top-ranked South Carolina basketball team took center stage in its Sunday game against No. 2 Stanford, coach Dawn Staley highlighted some of the biggest issues in women’s sports after Friday. Golden State Warriors San Francisco game. Moderated by Stephen CurryAfter the Warriors’ 111-101 victory over the Knicks, the panel, produced by the empowering … Read more

Cop27 approves historic ‘loss and damage’ fund for climate impact in developing countries | cop 27

Developing nations celebrated Sunday morning Crucial climate talks end in ‘historic’ deal on their most important climate goals: a global “loss and damage” fund, providing financial assistance to poor nations stricken by climate catastrophe. However, the deal was far from perfect, with several key items defective or missing. Some countries said commitments to limit temperatures … Read more

What attracts Bengalis to visit Visva Bharati – The World of Rabindranath Tagore

When we joined the Anthropology Department of Visva Bharati University – as teachers and students – the campus reopened in February after closing. Santiniketan, in the Bolpur town of West Bengal’s Birbhum district where Visva Bharati University is located, has started welcoming visitors from all over the state, especially on weekends. For a long time, … Read more

An explosion from an object with a magnetic field a thousand trillion times stronger than our sun

So far, we’ve only had close calls of gamma-ray bursts so large, scientists have suggested, that if they occurred within our solar neighborhood (less than 1,000 light-years away) they would likely trigger mass extinctions on Earth. About 440 million years ago, reports natureA nearby gamma-ray burst may have wiped out much life on Earth. Astrophysicists … Read more

The donation will help more Utah families diagnose infants and children with genetic diseases

Luca Brunelli and Sabrina Malone Jenkins take care of an infant in the neonatal intensive care unit. A gift from the Mark and Cathy Miller Pediatric Genomics Fund will allow NeoSeq researchers to test more NICU babies for genetic disorders, says Dr. Sabrina Mallon-Jenkins, NeoSeq’s principal investigator. (Charlie Eilert) Estimated reading time: 4-5 minutes Salt … Read more

Medibank data breach: How to switch health insurance companies if you’re concerned about cybersecurity, costs, or claims

More than half of Australians are pregnant Private health insurance. About a quarter, or nearly four million people, are members of Medibank – Australia’s largest health insurer and the company at the heart of the Electronic security busts. Watch the video above: How to protect yourself after a data breach. For more health and wellbeing … Read more

The health harms from mass shootings are spread across communities

A grim and familiar pattern followed the procession of mass shootings across America. In its aftermath, the nation’s attention is focused on the immediate victims of the attacks, the dead and injured, and their families, friends, and witnesses. But a growing body of research reveals that the negative effects of mass shootings extended further than … Read more

7 ways diet can improve your mental health

Reprinted with permission from Brain Energy by Christopher M. Palmer, MD (BenBella Books, Inc., 2022) what do we eat when we eatHow much we eat has direct effects on metabolism and mitochondria. Everyone knows that diet plays a role in obesity, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease. What most people may not know is that diet also … Read more