Nervous employees, no bankers: Western companies struggle to get out of Russia

HELSINKI (Reuters) – For foreign companies still figuring out what to do with their stranded Russian assets, President Vladimir Putin’s seizure of a major oil and gas project is a dire warning: move fast or otherwise. Companies have been grappling with how to come up with ways that limit financial impact, don’t put employees at … Read more

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Search quotations, news, net asset value of the cooperative fund Accreditation INE002A01018, accreditation, 500325 ONGC INE213A01029, ONGC, 500312 International Trade Center INE154A01025, ITC, 500875 International Olympic Committee INE242A01010, International Olympic Committee, 530965 Brightcom Group INE425B01027, BCG, 532368 Search quotations, news, net asset value of the cooperative fund Accreditation INE002A01018, accreditation, 500325 ONGC INE213A01029, ONGC, 500312 … Read more

Getting treatment when cost and access are a barrier | personal financing

Sarah Rathner Search race Psychological health Therapy can feel like a marathon when you don’t have the energy or ability to reach the starting line. You may encounter limited and affordable options and a shortage of available therapists. “Before the pandemic, we had an insufficient workforce to meet the mental health demands of the country,” … Read more

Microsoft warns of potential phishing malware threat to Android devices

Android users are attacked by malware that inadvertently buys premium subscription services that they don’t want or subscribe to, According to a blog from Microsoft Security. In a report by Microsoft researchers Dimitrios Valsamaras and Sang Shin Jung, the pair detailed the continuing evolution of the “malware fraud toll” and the ways it attacks Android … Read more

Are Indian companies looking to adopt 5G?, CIO News, ET CIO

As 4G unlocked the app economy, 5G network Preparing to unlock higher bandwidth, near real-time responses, and industry Internet of things (IIoT) and mission-critical products and applications. It has the potential to significantly improve productivity, improve service quality and reduce costs, resulting in increased economic output and consumer willingness to pay for goods and services, … Read more

VR delivers nitrogen to diverse farmers in NSW

NDVI image from DataFarming of a grazing field in Gollan east of Dubbo, where uneven germination and waterlogging require the use of a nitrogen VR application. Photo: Binjinbar Farms VARIABLE-RATE (VR) Nitrogen is delivering positive results for three NSW farmers who are transitioning to precision farming for various reasons, and they shared their experiences in … Read more

Oh hey, I’m enjoying watching Westworld again

Is this hair condition? cheerful! Photo: Jon Johnson/HBO At the end of this week’s episode of Westworld, the show unveils this season’s exciting new theme park: Forbidden Land! Ed Harris doesn’t actually call it that, but it might as well be when he tells everyone, in the middle of a Disney Investor Day-like conference, that … Read more