Nvidia beats Meta to hold on to its new VR offering

Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg may talk a lot about the work being done in the social media giant’s future metaverse, but companies like graphics chip maker Nvidia and consultancy giant Deloitte already do.

On September 20, Nvidia announced the launch of the Nvidia Omniverse Cloud, or Software as a Service (SaaS) — or “Infrastructure as a Service” — a suite of 3D design collaboration tools designed to allow “artists, developers, and enterprise teams to design, deploy, operate, and pilot metaverse applications in any place Release.

“metaverse, the 3D internet, connects 3D virtual worlds… rendered through a simulation engine,” Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang He said. “With Omniverse in the cloud, we can connect teams around the world to design, build and operate virtual worlds and digital twins” without the need for local computing power.

It uses the Global Scene Description (in US dollars), a 3D composition, simulation and environmental collaboration developed by Pixar Animation Studios.

Together with Siemens and advertising and marketing giant WPP, the initial customer is Rimac, the Croatian supercar maker who, along with Porsche, owns Bugatti. The company is using the Omniverse Can metaverse for an automotive pipeline that runs from design to marketing.

“Electric motors are efficient and instantly tunable,” founder and CEO Mate Rimac said in a statement. “Their flexibility allows engineers to create a car that can handle in a way that a combustion engine car never could.”

Using Omniverse Cloud allows “our engineering teams to focus on designing the vehicle model itself, and spend less time on the intricacies of complex 3D design pipelines,” he said.

Ultimately, the 3D car configurator “experience” will allow multi-million dollar hyper-detail car buyers to access “endless possibilities for customization without having to manually view each layer, saving time and money,” Rimac said.

ndia too announce It was adding Omniverse to its Nvidia AI platform, which Deloitte uses for hybrid cloud solutions that “help customers build and deploy a wide range of AI applications, including Edge AI, speech AI, recommendation systems, chat bots, cybersecurity, and digital twins.” And more…”

“CMO” has a different meaning

Meanwhile, C-suite is expanding again to include senior officials of the Metaverse, Bloomberg He saidadding that one part of their seven-figure job is “winning over their inner skeptics.”

She said brands like Disney, Proctor & Gamble, LVMH and Crate & Barrel fill that role, even though a few actually use the “CMO” title that debuted in video game makers – where it makes sense.

Hollywood giant CAA, on the other hand, bestowed Silicon Valley’s media director, Joanna Popper, with exactly that title in August.

“At this pivotal time in our industry, the impact of the metaverse will be instrumental in transformations in content creation, distribution, and community engagement that provide significant opportunities for our customers,” said President Jim Burson. mentioned.

Vishal Shah, the chief executive officer of Metaverse is at Meta, who has the less impressive nickname “Vice President, Metaverse”.

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