NFL on Amazon Broadcasters: Why Al Michaels and Kirk Herbstreit Team Up to Broadcast ‘Friday Night Football’

When the NFL “Friday Night Football” tournament kicks off on September 15, the entire broadcast will have a different feel.

Starting this season, ‘Friday Night Football’ can only be found live on Amazon Prime, unless you live in the local market for teams playing this week.

Amazon and the NFL rolled out popular broadcasters for the new broadcast, bringing in legendary play-through specialist, Al Michaels, and veteran ESPN analyst Kirk Herbstreet.

Michaels joins ‘Friday Night Football’ after spending 16 years at NBC, working alongside Cris Collinsworth on ‘Sunday Night Football’ broadcast.

Herbstreit has been a college football analyst at ESPN since 1996, known for his presence on ESPN’s “College GameDay” and “Saturday Night Football” on ABC.

Why did the NFL and Amazon pair this duo and did they invite any games together before? Here’s everything we know below.

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Why did they hire the NFL, Amazon Al Michaels, and Kirk Herbstreit for ‘Friday Night Football’?

Regardless of their impressive bios, this NFL said in its press release announcing the duo’s appointment to “Thursday Night Football”: “The hiring of an experienced duo at Michaels and Herbstreit is meant to demonstrate Prime Video’s commitment to providing the same kind of The viewing experience NFL fans are accustomed to on network television.

“The 2022 season marks the first year in which it TNF It will be exclusive to Prime Video, which will be the first streaming service to broadcast a season-licensed national broadcast package from the NFL. The 11-year agreement includes 15 regular season games and one pre-season game, and Prime Video also offers pre-match, halftime and post-game shows as well as interactive features like X-Ray and Next Gen Stats. “

Have the Michaels and Kirk Herbstreet worked together before?

Prior to signing with Amazon Prime for “Friday Night Football,” Michaels and Herbstreit did not participate in the broadcast booth together.

Since then, they’ve done two pre-season training matches that were never aired to get ready for the season.

In a recent interview with Sports Illustrated, Michaels explained his experience working alongside Herbstreit as the two try to build chemistry prior to their debut during the Week 2 match between the Chargers and Chiefs.

“What we did was six days ago, in Los Angeles, the Rams played Texas on SoFi. We did a TV broadcast that went to a real tape machine. It didn’t come out over the air anywhere. We wanted to get the crew together, top to bottom, all the cameramen, all the The tape players, all the help people who do every imaginable job on this show, I’m going to say about 90 to 100 people and how is this going to work? And we started playing the game and right off the bat, I felt very comfortable with Kirk,” Michaels told Sports Illustrated.

Michaels continued his relationship with Herbstreit, saying that the two had clicked without knowing each other before.

“With Kirk, I didn’t really know him until April. And then we spent two days in New York together and two meals and meetings and other phone calls, and I knew his rhythm and he knew hers,” Michaels told SI.

“I don’t want to say I was shocked by it, but I was very pleasantly surprised and walked away from the booth that night saying, ‘You know, in a pre-season game where you don’t talk about any strategy and it’s the Wild West somehow, we’re going to the side reporter, Kaylee Hartung , a lot, it’s not like a regular season game. But I feel really comfortable going to that Chargers-Chiefs game (week 2).”

The schedule of “Thursday Night Football” matches 2022

All “Friday Night Football” games will be available to stream (out of market) on Amazon Prime only.

week Date the match time (Eastern time)
1 None (NFL Opening Night)
2 September 15 Chargers at Chiefs 8:15 pm
3 September 22 Steelers at Browns 8:15 pm
4 September 29 Dolphins in the Bengals 8:15 pm
5 6 October Ponies in Bronco 8:15 pm
6 October 13 Leaders in Beers 8:15 pm
7 October 20 Saints in Cardinals 8:15 pm
8 October 27 Crows in pirates 8:15 pm
9 November 3 Eagles in Texas 8:15 pm
10 November 10 Hawks in leopards 8:15 pm
11 November 17 Titans in Packers 8:15 pm
12 Nothing (Thanksgiving Games)
13 December 1 Billing at the Patriots 8:15 pm
14 December 8 Raiders in Rams 8:15 pm
15th December 15 49ers at Seahawks 8:15 pm
16 December 22 Jaguar in Jets 8:15 pm
17 December 29 Cowboys at Titans 8:15 pm

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