NASCAR swindler slams ‘afraid’ stalking Elliott and Bubba Wallace for not being ‘fans’ like Noah Gregson

When it comes to NASCAR, veteran Brett Griffin has seen it all. Working in the sport for over 20 years, Griffin has helped drivers such as Elliott Sadler, Jeff Burton and Clint Bowyer achieve success in their careers. Speaking on a recent episode of Door Bumper Clear, Griffin shared what distinguishes Noah Gragson from his contemporaries.

in the podcast episodeGriffin said he grew up in the era of sports when he and Elliot Sadler used to go out on the field and drink beer with people. Comparing NASCAR’s 1990s with today, he noted that he’s happy to see Noah Gregson follow a similar practice.


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He told Gregson that none of his contemporaries were as out in the field as he did. He said; “You’re not afraid to do it. A lot of people are afraid to do it. You’re not afraid to go out in the crowd. You don’t care if you’re on social media. That’s kind of a rarity these days. I’ve never seen Chase Elliott there. You don’t see Bubba Wallace is there.”

Griffin remembers the time he spent with Elliot Sadler. “Elliot was dressed in the most amazing clothes. As if he was wearing a cowboy hat, he wore buck’s fake teeth and put on short shorts and cowboy boots. But in the field we go and he’ll have fun there for a few hours and we’ll be back on the bus.”

On top of that, he told Gregson why going out among fans was so close to Sadler’s heart. He said; “It was that person who, when he was 20 years old, was a sports fan and he valued the fan base.” Glad to see Gregson do the same, he continued, “There are not many things that I am proud of you about, but I am sure I am proud of you about it. Because you are a man of the people.”

Happy to hear Griffin agree to his practice of entering the field, Gregson explained what motivates him to do so. The JR Motorsports Share the driver why he loves spending time with his fans and enjoys his life as a race car driver in general.

Noah Gregson on being a man of people

Once Griffin called Noah Gregson “the man of the people”, he expressed his love for enjoying life. Furthermore, he shared that he does not like to take life too seriously and noted that this is what sets him apart from his contemporaries like Chase Elliot And the Bubba Wallace.


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AVONDALE, AZ – MARCH 12: Noah Gregson, #9 Bass Pro Shop/TrueTimber/BRCC Chevrolet driver, poses for a photo on the grid with a Monster Energy girl as Ty Gibbs, driver of #54 Sports Clips Haircuts Toyota, looking ahead to a pre-NASCAR Xfinity Series United Rentals 200 at Phoenix Raceway on March 12, 2022 in Avondale, Arizona. (Photo by Sean Gardner/Getty Images)

He said; “The way I look at it… I feel like some of these guys take it seriously all the time. I think there is a time and a place to get involved and play it. And I think you can also enjoy yourself and enjoy the time outside in the race car and have fun.”

Moreover, he revealed that he is trying to have as much fun as possible. However, once he puts on his helmet, it’s time to go to work. Speaking about his practice, he said he makes sure to be prepared throughout the week. With training at 7:00 in the morning, and a great deal of dedication and preparation, the driver has to do it all.


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Noah Gregson further explained; “So, the way I look at it is that there is nothing to worry about on the weekends. It’s like having fun and having fun, because if this is my last race, last weekend or next weekend, I want to have fun and have fun and enjoy this The opportunity. Because I don’t think you can take this for granted. 20 years go by too quickly, or however long it takes and you take it seriously, you all miss it.”

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