Metal review: Hellsinger – Walk With Me In Hell

Metal music should be synonymous with first-person shooters, considering that the original Doom is perhaps the most impactful FPS game ever made. The frantic demon slaying of that game was accompanied by the famous sounds of a 32-bit heavy band and high-pitched drums, but the marriage between the two was never discovered outside of shooters like Quake, Killing Floor 2 and Mick Gordon’s phenomenal work. In the latest Doom games. Metal: Hellsinger isn’t likely to break that trend, but the rhythm-based FPS from Swedish developer The Outsiders puts metal front and center as the most important aspect of its high-octane gameplay.

At first glance, Metal: Hellsinger might seem like little more than an imitation of 2016’s Doom, from its generic demon slaying and hell-inspired aesthetic all the way to the blistering pace of its work. Doom is an obvious inspiration and an apt comparison, but Metal: Hellsinger adds an extra layer of depth to its portrayal by structuring all of its moving parts around the music. You play as a demon who is fighting through hell on a revenge mission, and do more damage by shooting enemies to the beat of a song. The more accurate you are at keeping the rhythm, the higher your Rage multiplier and the higher your total score and damage output. To help you achieve this, there are pulsating icons on either side of the crosshairs that correspond to the beat of the song. If you are in defeat, you will be rated with either a ‘Good’ or ‘Perfect’ attack, with the latter doing the most damage and adding more to both your rage and your score.