Kim Kardashian and James Corden Star in Parody of ‘House Of The Dragon’

Since its wonderful first hosting SNLKim Kardashian is stepping out with her comedic chops again. The Skims founder and mother of four hit the late-night TV show circuit to promote the comeback The Kardashians on Hulu, and she treated her fans with a very cool comic strip. Starring alongside a TV show host James CordenThe duo starred in a super funny parody of HBO’s new song Dragon Housecleverly titled: scramblers.

Official YouTube channel Late Show with James Corden He recently posted his new video: “The Targashians take over Westeros. Corden introduced the comic by announcing it Dragon House It has already become very popular, and a completely new show has already appeared. Corden plays King Keith Targashian, while Kardashian plays a power-hungry brother, ready and waiting for the threat of his succession. It’s a good thing Kim K just happened to be wearing her platinum hair These days, Targaryens are also known as their Distinctive white blonde locks.

It’s interesting to think about who might actually be a fan of both the Kardashians and Game of thrones A prequel, but both shows definitely deal with sibling rivalry, competition over who might be the favorite kid, and some Attractive golden fashion choices.

We apologize to dragon fans everywhere, but this schematic comedy is more of a love letter to all things Kardashian, not the fantasy of Westeros fans. With so many inside jokes out there, it’s hard to include them all, but here’s a summary of some of the best Kardashian compliments:

  • When Kim K holds her enemy’s severed head in her hand, she blames the murder on the fact that he was “too disinterested”. This is of course a reference to the viral moment when She is famous for her older sister’s split Courtney.
  • As Kardashian sits in reality TV-style confession, she claims to be queen by listing her impressive contributions to the palace that reflect her real life mogul as well as her fascinating interest in Criminal justice: “I run an armored lingerie line, Greyscale cosmetics company. Dungeon fix. What else do I forget—body butter.”
  • When Corden’s character apologizes for an unfortunate beheading, Kardashian recognizes her on-screen rival as wildly popular Kardashian drink – Health conscious smoothie. (This could be toxic, though!)
  • When Kris Jenner joins in the fun, the title under her confession is revealed to be: “Momager of dragons. “
  • While Kardashian stands in front of the hand-painted cover of “Jouster’s Illustrated,” she’s using a silver weapon (a reference to her 2022 Sports Illustrated shoot). “Now give me a look like you just killed your ex-lover Dornish,” says the artist. (To prep her body, Kardashian reveals she’s been going to “Baratheon Bootcamp” twice a day, a shout-out to one of the workout-addicted sisters’ favorite workouts:”barry training camp. (Corden, at least the cover of “The Plague.”)
  • When Corden and Kardashian’s characters finally unite and mend things, Kim K steals a dragon egg from Kidney baby as a gift. “What if we share the throne?” Corden suggests. “Are you serious?” Kardashian asks.BibleHe answers, using one of Kardashian’s most popular terms.
  • But the height of resistance to this Kardashian-endurance parody comes when Corden and Kim K face a very unwelcome third rival, vying for succession as well. “There is only one king in this kingdom, and that is the king Kayleeb*itches,” the billionaire and her youngest Jenner proclaim as she sways across the screen while holding an axe.

And there you have it! Whether in Westeros or the wild suburbs of Los Angeles, Kylie Jenner seems to be landing a title Chris’ favorite baby And it definitely outperforms both IRL and the silver screen.

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