Google’s privacy-focused Results About You tool is rolling out to Android

How would you like to remove certain personally identifiable information (PII) and contact data from Google search results? In May, during the Google I/O conference, the company announced a new “Results About You” tool that can be used to request that personal information such as your address, phone number, and email be removed from search results. And this tool is now rolling out to some Android users.

Google begins rolling out a “Results About You” tool that asks to remove your personal data from search

To see if Results About You (which sounds like the name of some new sitcom about a Google-type company) has made it onto your Android device yet, open the Google app and tap on your profile picture in the top right corner of View. Below the menu that appears, you’ll see a “Results About You” list listed as beta. Click on it and you will be sent to a colored page displayed in blue with the words, “Control your results.”

Google writes, “Your information belongs to you or you don’t share it. We’re here to help you remove the personal information you see on Google.” Clicking the blue pill-shaped button that says “Learn how” asks you to use a Google search to search for your full name (add your city if necessary) to see what kind of information Google has about you.

If you find personal data in the search results, click on the list of three buttons next to those specific results. Then press the Remove Result button; This will guide you through the process of submitting a request to The Google It requests that this information be removed from the search.

Google has included a warning about how to decide whether or not to grant your request to remove personal data from search. The company said, “It is important to note that when we receive removal requests, we will evaluate all content on the web page to ensure that we do not limit the wide availability of other useful information, for example in news articles.”

As Google notes, “Removing contact information from a Google search does not remove it from the web, which is why you may want to contact the hosting site directly, if you are comfortable doing so.”

Results for you is a tool that asks Google to remove your personal information from search

With Results About You, you can also check the progress of your active requests to remove personal data from your search and also make another request to remove more personal information. Google also asks you why you want to remove certain information from Google Search and you can choose from the following ready-made responses:

  • Shows my personal contact information.
  • Displays my contact information with intent to harm me.
  • Shows other personal information.
  • Contains illegal information.
  • It’s outdated.

How does Google determine whether to remove your personally identifiable information (PII)? The company says it “may remove personally identifiable information that could create significant risks such as identity theft, financial fraud, malicious direct contact, or other specific harms.” In addition, Google states that it tries to preserve information if it is considered to be of general interest. So information that contains information about you will not be removed from Google search if it is part of the following:

  • Content on or from government and other official sources.
  • Newsworthy content.
  • Professionally relevant content.
Results About You are now rolling out in the US and Europe. Even in the states, the rollout isn’t complete yet, so you probably haven’t received it yet. If so, you can request that PII be removed from Google search Directly from this Google support page.

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