EXAONE, LG’s AI giant, has become a design leader with Parsons School of Design

New YorkAnd the September 12, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — LG is stepping up its efforts to develop artificial intelligence (AI) that supports humans in learning and expands their creativity in art and design practices by leveraging a joint academic research partnership with Parsons School of Design, America’s premier art and design school.

(From left) Joakun Kwon (LG AI Research), Jeongki Lim (Parsons), Adam Brown (Parsons), Yvonne Watson (Parsons), Cynthia Lawson Jaramillo (Parsons), Ben Barry (Parsons), Kyunghoon Bae (LG AI Research) , Meg Kaufman (Parsons), Seungwan Kim (LG AI Research)

(From left) Joakun Kwon (LG AI Research), Jeongki Lim (Parsons), Adam Brown (Parsons), Yvonne Watson (Parsons), Cynthia Lawson Jaramillo (Parsons), Ben Barry (Parsons), Kyunghoon Bae (LG AI Research) , Meg Kaufman (Parsons), Seungwan Kim (LG AI Research)

LG AI Researchthe Artificial Intelligence Research Center of the South Korean LG Group, today announced the “LG AI Research & TNS Parsons Collaboration” on the campus of the University of Parsons School of Design (Parsons) in the new school in New York.

LG AI Research will conduct a broad range of joint research into advanced AI technologies and emerging research areas in creativity and technology with world-renowned experts in fashion, design and media at Parsons for three years.

LG AI Research and Parsons will participate in collaborative academic research activities that will facilitate the development of AI-enabled applications in design and art practices and disseminate their findings through public publications and events. One of the partnership’s initial goals is to study how generative AI technology can be meaningfully integrated into the everyday practices of artists and designers.

LG AI Research plans to integrate all search results into ‘EXAONE Atelier’, an AI platform that supports collaborative work between AI, designers and artists. It will be based on LG AI Research’s super-giant artificial intelligence, called EXAONE, a multimedia AI that has learned more than 600 billion combinations and 350 million high-resolution images, and can freely convert text and images.

EXAONE Atelier is expected to be the first artificial intelligence platform based on giant AI designed to support artists and designers to expand their creativity in their professional practice.

An LG AI Research official said, “Through interviews with Parsons, the LG AI Research team has identified features of the AI ​​super-giant EXAONE that must be tuned to collaborate with artists and designers. EXAONE Atelier was also developed by aligning the strengths of EXAONE and the idea of ​​a structural creation process through groups variety of ideas rather than just creating something from nothing.”

The partnership between Parsons and LG AI Research officially began in September 14 At the opening symposium on creativity and artificial intelligence with an important question: “What is the current path of the impact of artificial intelligence technology on the creative industries, and what kind of future can be jointly created through collaboration between technology and creative communities?”

In addition, LG AI Research will support hackathons from September 17-18 To research how emerging creative professionals can integrate AI into their creative process and critically consider its effects.

Going forward, LG AI Research will continue to upgrade EXAONE Atelier by integrating insights from the joint research project into the platform, as well as expanding collaboration opportunities with other global and local partners in Korea.

kyungwon baeLG AI Research President, said: “Through a deeper level of collaboration with Parsons, LG AI Research desires to develop expert artificial intelligence, which can increase human creativity and productivity by understanding not only ideas and ideas but also knowledge and experience from a range of A variety of expert humans. Moreover, we will continue to improve and refine EXAONE Atelier to become the modern AI platform that helps all humans become designers and artists as long as they have ideas, not just as a drawing tool.”

Cynthia Lawson JaramilloDean of the School of Design Strategies at Parsons School of Design added: “I am delighted to see this partnership between LG AI Research and Parsons School of Design. For more than 125 years, Parsons has been committed to leadership in art and design education. This partnership solidifies that commitment, as what faces The future is more than exploring the intersections of art, design, creativity, and artificial intelligence.”

“At the School of Design Strategies, we design the intangibles: systems, services, communities, the future and more. We always focus on the world’s most complex issues. I look forward to seeing what this partnership results in, and I’m excited about how transformative I expect it to be for everyone involved,” he said. Lawson.

Ben BarryDean of the Fashion School Parsons School of DesignLed by Professor Jeongki Lim, this partnership between Parsons and LG will forge critical dialogue and insights into the relationship between AI and creativity. It will provide opportunities for Parsons students and faculty to work alongside LG industry leaders to explore emerging issues that arise when Human and non-human actors engage in collective creative practice. This research will create a research agenda for creativity and technology that will influence industry and academic practice for years to come.”

About LG AI Research

started in December 2020 As a subsidiary of South Korea group LG GroupLG AI Research aims to lead the next stage of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to a promising future by providing optimal research environments and leveraging the latest AI technologies.

For more information visit www.lgresearch.ai.

About Parsons School of Design

Parsons School of Design It is one of the world’s leading art and design education institutions. depends on New York But active worldwide, the school offers undergraduate and graduate programs in the full range of art and design disciplines. Critical thinking and collaboration are at the heart of Parsons’ education. Parsons alumni are leaders in their respective fields, with a shared commitment to creatively and critically tackling the complexities of life in the twenty-first century.

For more information visit www.newschool.edu/parsons.

(From left) Yvonne Watson (Parsons), Kyungwon Bay (LG AI Research)

(From left) Yvonne Watson (Parsons), Kyungwon Bay (LG AI Research)

(PRNewsfoto/LG AI Research)

(PRNewsfoto/LG AI Research)



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