Even in a blast, the Presidents Cup found its signature ‘surreal’ moment

Max Homma delivered an unforgettable hit — and a celebration — in the 18th Green Round.

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Charlotte, NC – There’s something different about finally coming out.

The first groups at golf’s biggest team events are the main attraction. Fans are eagerly waiting for their arrival. They meet them at the range, roar at them at the first tee, and tie ropes at each next hole. selection process World Health Organization Lead charge must be considered very important; These first groups have the opportunity to set the tone for the day. But will you finally go? You are the nightmare. By the time you arrive, everyone is either gone or planning to escape.

as such Max Homa He finished his group session right on Friday afternoon, and a few fans were still in the stands. The rest had taken off the first tee or dispersed through the first few openings. The star-studded American duo between Justin Thomas and Jordan Spieth came out first, bringing the Charlotte faithful with them. The final was played relatively anonymously, and was forgotten in the back of the train. Coming out at last doesn’t quite have the same juice.

Until it is done.

As the day went by, it was Early matches began to finish. As they always do, fans of those groups were drawn to the remaining groups. The players who finished the match solidified in the rest of the matches along with their captains, families and support staff. Interest grew. Tension grew with her.

Scottie Scheffler reacts to a missed strike during Friday's fourball session.

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A large crowd had gathered by the time Homma stepped up to throw a 13-foot birdie into the 17th hole on Friday. His US teammates had already made a big lead over the international, 7 to 2, but this final was still tied and still important. Loss and margin will swing to 7-3, a reasonable gap to make up over the weekend. A win and a gap would jump to 8-2, a seemingly insurmountable margin for a superior international team.

Homa poured it in the middle. 1 up.

The group headed to 18. Every other game is now over, which means the entire cadre of the American team members has gathered to the right of the green, and a huge crowd stretches out behind them. They smelled like sun, sweat, and an $11 Michelob Ultra. Finishing 489 yards was a long play. In two days, no one who reached the hole made a bird. But Pendrith made it look easy, sending a towering iron from 219 yards out to 13 feet, which made for an impressive look for the rear right hole position.

Homma had carried adrenaline from the 17th green to his tee on the 18th, making one pimple up and in the wind at 302 yards. He hit after Pendrith and did a better job: His iron shot carried the edge of the right bunker, rolled forward and stopped just 11 feet from the hole.

With Horschel and the Conners facing off, Pendrith took to the stage first. The Canadian’s best-known weapon is his powerful driver, but his racket withstood the pressure of the moment: his ball never left the center of the hole. He let out a shriek as the crowd gave silent cheers, appreciating the achievement if not happy with the result.

Then came Homa, who now faced a heavy blow to win. stretched his line. Rest lesson. Things slowed down.

“It was so surreal. The atmosphere there is crazy. There are so many people out there, you can feel them on the back of your neck,” he said then.

Then he advanced, took one last look at his line and sent the knockout roll into the hole. It carried quite a bit too fast – but in that line it didn’t matter. Among the thousands who looked intently at the fading sun, Homa was the first to know: it was there. By the time the ball hit the back of the cup and fell to the bottom, Homma had already broken the silence of the crowd with a blood-curdling scream. Game Over. The US was leading 8-2. The Presidents Cup, even in a blast, found her autograph moment.

There’s another thing different about playing in the final set: how fast everything is done once you’re done.

Homma and Horschel were taken away for a TV interview. Then they took a golf cart to the media center. When Homma got there, he had ripped off the pack Joe Greiner – but he was still holding his paddle. Addressing the media, he suddenly asked to put it all in context. How did you feel?

“I am very grateful,” he said. “I’m not great, very close to anyone on this team, but I’ve always respected and got along with everyone, and it was amazing to watch these 11 other guys who are incredibly good spirits, incredibly acclaimed, so many accomplishments, and encourage us Going down the stretch. I played the last game in the two days, and to be able to see that is special to me. Golf is great, but you remember that kind of thing so well back in your days. So I’m so grateful for that.”

As for the ejaculation itself?

“I mean, I was as nervous as I could get through that blow, but it was fun,” he continued. “I used to tell my wife, when we talk about things money can’t buy, money can’t buy that feeling. And it was something I’ll remember forever, and I’ll tell anyone who wants to hear about how I felt.”

It was a fitting summary of the day and so far of the entire competition. A home and away match eventually came out in the style of Team USA. Through two sessions, eight of the 10 games made it to the 17th hole. But the US team has the advantage in those eight games, winning five, losing one game and drawing two. (Human Bumblebee Xander Shaveli and Patrick Cantlay They cared about the business in the other two games, winning 6, 5, 3 and 2.) The international was competitive in singles matches – but overall, the stars and stripes built a huge advantage.

“In these moments when matches are turning, it seems like we’ve been on the right side of those moments so the fringe is in place,” Spieth noted.

If the explosion continues, there will be concern about the future of the Presidents Cup. Critics will say if it’s not competitive, what’s the point? But there’s no denying the importance of Friday at Quail Hollow. Take a testimonial from Horschel, who was asked if his first game for the US team lived up to the billing:

“Yes, even this morning it lived up to that. I woke up this morning and felt like I had to throw up for three hours straight,” he said. “It was the most stressful I’ve ever had of any round of golf in my entire life. I think it’s just an anticipation of wanting to stay in these teams for many years and missing the chance to make one.”

“When I finally started to warm up, that feeling finally disappeared. Yes, it went along with everything I expected.” He pointed to Homa. “And seeing this guy here perform at the end was really special.”

The internationals may make an angry comeback. After all, only 10 points out of a total of 30 points were distributed; Eight more on hand on Saturday And 12 more are coming on Sunday. But if not, this cup already has its time. Homa’s blow left its mark.

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