Cowboys are running out of a non-serious offense

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I’m embarrassed about the cowboy reception

I had someone ask me if sir lamb It is the #1 legit wide receiver in fiction and reality. I guess so, but the truth is that it doesn’t really matter when the rest of the guys on field might be #5 and #6 in WR…maybe.

Dennis Houston, Simi Vihoku, Noah Brown; Of these young people this is not a serious process.

It makes no difference how good the Lamb receiver is because the defense can sit on its short and middle lanes when outside players are no threat at all. You can see the Bucs doing this all Sunday night. Lamb handled 11 goals but there was only 1.9 yards from those looks. These plays get very low like those when the defense doesn’t respect your ability to hit passes on the field. Other Dallas receivers cannot sever or win disputed passes.

We knew the wide receiver could be a sore spot for Dallas Michael Gallup It’s destined to waste time to start the season but gets worse as time goes on. James Washington The injury created a deep problem and now, it seems, the rookie from the third round Galen Tolbert (Healthy scratch) Not ready to escalate.

But your plan shouldn’t fall apart completely when the likes of Washington get hurt or when a Day Two rookie isn’t ready to play right away.

If this derails you, you have no plan at all.

Don’t forget, they also play with a hand tied behind their back with offensive line problems that they weren’t designed properly for. Apparently the Cowboys didn’t have a Plan B ready tonight. They just ran their same old plays with a completely depleted support staff. We have seen the results.

Oh and now Duck Prescott will be missed by several weeks; Jerry Jones confirmed that the midfielder will need hand surgery.

You couldn’t write a more disturbing start to the Dallas Cowboys 2022 season.

Saquon Barkley is back

if I will be Barclay He gets the kind of use he’s seen in the first week of the season, and he’s going to be a top five player in fantasy football. a period.

Barkley ran 21 tracks high for the team and caught 33.3 percent of the goals. He also handled 78% of the Giants’ back runs. He scored a touchdown and also slammed in a two-point conversion on a shotgun pass designed for him.

It was incredibly encouraging, especially in his first game of the season. Barkley was the driver of this Giants crime.

Running back Saquon Barkley #26 is a fantasy bounce filter

Saquon Barkley appeared as a fictional star again in the first week. (Photo by Wesley Heat/Getty Images)

However, the rest of the crime is a bit of a mess. Kadarius Tony I fell on the depth chart and only ran three lanes. Daniel Jones Ranked 28th out of 28 quarterbacks in the EPA per dip heading to Sunday Night Football. sterling shepherd He made a stunning comeback after rupturing his Achilles tendon in the late 2021 season and ran as a key player while scoring a lengthy goal. But that was the only other bright light.

Despite all of that, Barkley seemed like a fantasy league champion. And as long as he’s healthy, that shouldn’t change.

AJ Brown stars in Eagles debut

It’s been a remarkable week along the way for the big-name receivers who have changed teams this season. Most encouraging performance That was from AJ Brown.

Questions were all about the recipients who swapped shirts, but nothing was more important than the topic of Brown’s size. At least, that was the narrative when it was traded to Philadelphia. Then we got reports from Eagles training camp Galen Hurts He was laser-focused to target his new No. 1 position at scale.

The first week provided a resounding endorsement of Brown’s use.

Brown maintained an absurd target share of 44.8% versus Black. He ran a route on 39 of 44 points out of 44. It was clear from the jump that the Alan Eagles receiver was about to have a huge game. Browns have had the most first-half reception yards for a team debut by any non-rookie since at least 1991, according to NFL research.

It seems to hurt that he will finish the top five week in the EPA for each dip, despite his less than 60% completion rate. If Brown stays healthy, maintains that kind of size and Hurts continues to play well, the receiver will pay for the 1,400-yard season. He is talented.

The WR reports in Washington have been underestimated

The Washington leaders have a really good wide reception trio.

Curtis Samuel The revelation was spot on. He finished with a high team target share of 26.8% and collected five on five goals and two runs in Washington’s first two drives. Obviously, he will be special for this team.

Jahan Dotson I worked before Samuel, as expected, running 40 lanes to 36 lanes. This is a great way to maximize both. Dotson scored two impressive goals, one of which was the match winner. His skills to snatch the ball away from his chassis were quite evident.

Terry McLaurin He trailed on both goals but ran most of the tracks in the team and scored on a deep path. I doubt Antonio Gibson You’ll see eight targets quite often, so don’t worry about McClurin’s workload. It’s still the number one spot on the scale.

The crime will always be mysterious Carson Wentz on the rudder. He had his fair share of typical Wentz errors in this win. But these three are going to have big weeks and could be the driving force for the attack; The ceiling for the whole offense is higher because of these guys. McLaurin is a strong WR2 fantasy and both Dotson and Samuel should be on the list.

Justin Jefferson was worth the hype

Justin Jefferson It steamed to the top of the wide receiver panel of some analysts and was very rare to see below the WR2 overall. It was a bold move but well worth it.

It was great to see him leave no doubt in the first week.

Choose Packers Not devoting special attention to Jefferson They ended up bleeding the production to the stars on a massive scale. Jefferson handled 72.8% of the ridiculous air Vikings yards. In addition to working in the field, he also averaged over nine yards after hunting per reception. He can win at all levels with an elite-level detachment and is now actively drawn for favorable appearances. Jefferson didn’t lead the team in holeshots, despite all the talk about “cooper cup Function.”

Jefferson doesn’t need a Cobb role.

This will be a really special season for him. It might be our first 2,000-yard receiver.

5 things I don’t care about

Judging Bucs Passing Game Not Fully Loaded

Much like the Cowboys, the Buccaneers knew their spacious receiver unit would be entering 2022 for a bit. Unlike the cowboyTampa Bay has remained financially resilient enough to have several options to dispose of.

Maybe the Bucs didn’t plan to own it Julio Jones Run a track on 76% drop-down points in the first week Prishad Berryman Handling 28.2% of the team’s aerial yards. These fallback options are pretty nice, however, when you consider what other NFC-hopeful contenders like Dallas or Green Bay are dealing with right now.

Tom Brady It didn’t look perfect as the higher receivers were circling in and out of the lineup and exposing the offensive line to more injuries. However, I refrain from judging this crime until we see them in full force. With the difficulty of the game, Leonard Fortnite She stepped up to deal with 23 touches and rolled out 127 yards.

Tom Brady #12 of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers hands the ball to Leonard Fortnite #7

The pair leaned on Leonard Fournette for the first week. (Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images)

At some point, the Bucs will link an entire game together Mike Evans, Chris Goodwin, Julio Jones And the Russell Gage. At least, we hope they do. When that moment comes, we’ll have a better understanding of what Bucs will be like as an insult.

Any remaining concerns about Amon-Ra St.’s workload. Brown

Amon-Ra Saint Brown He had a target share of 32.4% in the first week, leading his team with a decent gap. I would point out that a group of men did not need to be hurt for this day to happen.

The talented novice receiver ran a track over 95% of Jared Goff drop down. Not surprisingly, he led the team in the slots but never left the field regardless of the formation.

Almost any case against St. Brown in 2022 did not carry much weight. Simply put: don’t do what he did to end the rookie season unless you can play. The strengths of his game overlap well with Goff’s preferences as a passer. He plays an important role in this offense and will not lose the playing time he earned Before His massive fantasy experience in the last month of 2021.

These large openings hitting the areas above the middle could be alpha receptors as the NFL as a whole moves to denser area defenses. Just look at cooper cup Last season for evidence.

St. Brown may not maintain a target share of 30% all season; That would be aggressive. However, if he comes in by 26-28%, he will smash his imaginary ADP and pay to catch 100 balls.

Don’t forget about it when ranking the league’s top breakout receivers.

Downhill Ja’Marr Chase

Anytime someone does what Ja’Marr Chase I did last year on deep goals, there will always be a regression discussion. However, it does not matter when the player is the same Good As Chase.

Chase was great as a rookie in the 2021 season. He looked even better in the first week of the 2022 season.

The player we saw against the Steelers seemed like a real player doing everything who could win every road and every stage of the position. This is the player we saw in the junior season sectors. Now, it looks like he’s ready to put it all together.

Chase handled 30.25% of the team’s goals. No one else has removed 20% with T. Higgins Most of the game is absent. The Bengals don’t return to this game without making Chase the centerpiece of their offensive world. It’s the definition of a difference maker.

Non Diontae Johnson Steelers WRs

Steelers wide reception Deontay Johnson Size is often discussed as a product of Ben Roethlisberger.

Well, what do you know, it didn’t stand the reality test.

With a new midfielder under position, Johnson still maintains his hefty size (32.4% of the team’s goals). This is because he is good at football.

The rest of the Steelers’ distribution was more ambiguous. Claypool chase He played the most shots and lined up in the hole for 89% of his shots. That’s the role for him, but it brought him six short looks. sexy rookie George Pickens He ran the team’s third largest trails.

The Bengals defense played well but the Steelers’ offensive line was still a big problem and Mitchell Trubesky It hardly looks like he’s about to experience a functional resuscitation. The ceiling of this unit isn’t great, so we’re not really interested in playing anyone other than Johnson in fiction anyway.

Which hammer to take from CHI vs. SF

Conditions in Chicago were awful before the game even started. The men were running in the warm-up period before the game with little puddles scattered in their wake. not improved. Honestly, it got a lot worse late in the competition.

I know people want to write the book Justin Fields And the Tree Lance ASAP but everything from this game has to be taken with a grain of salt. Each of them had their own moments—especially the fields—but maybe they just got the best of their rainy timing breaks. You have to give him credit for creating big holes in the 49ers high school with his ability to move and shove some powerful deep throws.

We’ll know more about these two young passersby (mostly Lance) when we see them in better conditions. This was a mess.

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