Verisign reports that the Internet had 349.9 million domain name registrations at the end of the third quarter of 2022.

Reston, Virginia – (working wire) – VeriSign, Inc. announced (NASDAQ: VRSN), a global provider of domain name registration services and Internet infrastructure, today announced that the third quarter of 2022 ended with 349.9 million domain name registrations across all top-level domainsa decrease of 1.6 million domain name registrations, or 0.4%, compared to the second quarter … Read more

The K-pop musical on Broadway showed how difficult it can be to create fame on the Internet

F8 (pronounced like “fate”) is an eight-member all-male K-pop group signed to RBY Entertainment. A look at their official Instagram page shows the group performing at concerts, posing for photos, and smiling on rooftops in eclectic but color-coordinated outfits. The group announces an upcoming show and heartily thanks their fans, which they refer to as … Read more

Global Internet of Things and Traceability to Analyze Food and Beverage Manufacturing Market Growth, Size, Outlook 2030 – PRIZM News

New Jersey, United States – The market research report provides a detailed study of Global Internet of Things and traceability for the food and beverage manufacturing market To help players prepare well for future growth challenges and ensure continued expansion of the business. With flawless analysis, in-depth research, and accurate forecasts, it provides easy-to-understand and … Read more

Researchers studying the oldest ice on Earth have become the first Antarctic field camp to use the Starlink internet

The Center for Oldest Ice Exploration in Allan Hills, Antarctica, shared this video of 30-knot (34.5-mph) winds, saying that despite the cold and wind, Internet Starlink continues to work for the base searching for the oldest ice on Earth. (Video credit: Peter Neff/Colder Ice Exploration Center/NSF/Oregon State University) When it comes to inclement weather for … Read more

Regulations Won’t Fix Internet Routing Security –

written by Douglas C Secker December 6, 2022 | Cyberscope Without the global internet routing system, you wouldn’t be reading this. You won’t do anything online, in fact. This routing system enables the Internet to function by distributing infinite pieces of data around the world at any given moment. This is why steering system security … Read more

Online entertainers meet at Streamys

Comment on this story Suspension LOS ANGELES — The world of online creators has boomed during the pandemic. Sunday night, its stars gathered at the Beverly Hilton for the 2022 Streamy Awards, the premiere of the Creators Economy Awards. This was the first year the awards show has been hosted in person since the pandemic, … Read more

Southwest, United and American Airlines have a new enemy – the ugliest website on the Internet

Getty Images I am constantly told that data is very important. I’m not entirely convinced. Most technically incorrect Sometimes my eye guide and life experience—self-data, you might call it—will always triumph over a spreadsheet, graph, or startup founder. I wonder then, what you might think of a site for sore eyes that desperately wants to … Read more