An independent, expert-consensus-compliant AI-based system for treating AMD

The new findings indicate the potential of a new AI-based system for independent follow-up of treated patients age-related macular degeneration (NAMD). Research has shown both its safety and compliance with expert consensus to be on par with those made in clinical practice, with particularly low rates of false-positive classification of choroidal neovascular activity (CNV). “More … Read more

Fatherhood changes men’s minds Neuroscience News

Summary: The researchers found significant changes in fathers’ brains between the prenatal period and the postpartum period. The main changes occurred in cortical areas associated with visual processing, attention, and empathy toward their child. source: Conversation The time parents devote to childcare each week is his It has tripled in the past 50 years in … Read more

This week’s cool tech stories from around the web (through December 3)

Biotech Labs uses DALL-E-inspired AI to create new medicinesWill Douglas Heaven | MIT Technology ReviewThese protein generators can be directed to produce designs of proteins with specific properties, such as shape, size, or function. In fact, this makes it possible to devise new proteins to carry out specific functions on demand. Researchers hope that this … Read more

Humans and machines are learning new approaches to supply chain resilience

Amazon Web Services has been launched recently AWS Supply Chaina new cloud application that promises to improve supply chain visibility and deliver actionable insights to mitigate supply chain risks, reduce costs, and improve customer experiences. Bold claims. We wanted to know more, so we reached out to Diego Pantoja-Navajas, Vice President, AWS Supply Chain with … Read more

Human leads looking for connections between artificial intelligence and nature

Human Leadership: A 3-day festival for a 3-year project From 2020 to 2023, scientific and technical cooperation Human leadership It proposes and creates seven concrete prototypes that respond to current planetary scenarios. This year saw the second gathering during this long journey, with a series of interactive installations, performances, workshops and stimulating performances that pay … Read more

Disney made an AI tool that automatically eliminates actors

To prove the power of artificial intelligence when it comes to changing shots realistically, Disney researchers She revealed a new aging/de-aging tool that can Make the actor convincingly look older or youngerwithout the need for weeks of complex and expensive visual effects work. When watching a blockbuster like 2018 Ant-Man and the WaspMost viewers can … Read more

New artificial intelligence can help humans talk to animals

New developments in artificial intelligence and technology can help humans communicate with them Pets and any other animal species that call Earth home. Outside of the realm of science, the idea of ​​two-way communication between humans and animals has been present in pop culture at least since 1967, when the original “Doctor Dolittle” came out. … Read more