A culture of fear has gripped academia and the arts

At the end of World War II, George Orwell went to an event organized by PEN, a campaign dedicated to defending freedom of speech. He entered a scene we encounter everywhere in 2022. The meeting was intended to celebrate the bicentenary of John Milton AreopagiticaAnd the One of the oldest and still one of the … Read more

Travis Scott, 50 Cent Sings at Art Basel Bash, Kardashians Attend

Art Basel After dark! Travis ScottAnd the 50 cents More stars attended Miami to celebrate the annual festival during it Wayne And the Cynthia Boishgathering. The couple hosted Star pool At their waterfront home on Friday, December 2, after an intimate dinner, the audience moved out of the dining room for an “after-dark” extravaganza, sponsored … Read more

Looted relics were returned to Turkey and Italy were seized from the New York home of Mt trustee Shelby White

A number of looted artifacts returned to Turkey and Italy in the past three months from the collection of prominent American philanthropist Shelby White have been uncovered. The items have been seized from White’s Manhattan home over the past 18 months, as part of a long-running investigation probing the provenance of her private collection. Search … Read more

Air Politics: Goma’s successful exhibition is an “incredibly powerful” ode to element | art

When the Queensland Gallery of Modern Art opened Water Exhibition Summer 2019drought drained the state, and it was engulfed in one of the worst bushfires in modern Australian history. How will people get what was planned to be a massive exhibition, something the museum’s international curator, Geraldine Kerihe Barlow has worried about, when it was … Read more

How rich is Art Basel Miami Beach’s presence? Installing from MSCHF Collective exposes their bank accounts

The crowds were hesitant this year when they gathered in Beirutinbooth in Art Puzzle Miami Beach. They were drawn to ATM leaderboards (2022), the latest interactive piece from the Provocative Art collection MSCHF—but they’re not necessarily interested in participating in the action, which will post their bank account balance, and their photo, in a scrolling … Read more