Becca Kufrin compares Eric from The Bachelorette to ex Garrett Yrigoyen

Becca Kufrin compares Eric Scheuer to ex Garrett Yrigoyen amid black-faced controversy

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Familiar feeling. Becca Kafrin comparison Bachelorette winner Eric ScheuerThe controversy of the black face of her ex-fiancé Garrett YrigoyenSocial media scandal of 2018.

“I was in a very similar situation after being out of season, with the one I picked,” said the Minnesota native, 32. Gabe Wendy On Wednesday, September 21, an episode of “The Bachelor’s Podcast at Happy Hour” While discussing the drama Scheuer, 29, kicked off before the end of season 19. “At that moment, I was kind of like you [are now], I was very surprised. You have this hole in your stomach and you don’t necessarily know where to go.”

Kuvrin added that at the time she wanted to give Yrigoyen, 33, “the time, the means and the education to learn, grow and change” after fans discovered in May 2018 that he “loved” the attack. Instagram posts mocking women, immigrants and school shooting survivors before the competition The bachelorette. “That’s what I’ve been hearing [from him]”Ultimately, in my situation, it wasn’t the case,” she remembered, before she pointed out.

Becca Kufrin compares Eric Scheuer to ex Garrett Yrigoyen amid the Black Face 2 controversy

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And she continued, “I learned two and a half years on the road [Garrett’s] Words and actions were not upright. “

Kafrin and medical sales representative – from She got involved in the final 14 season of The bachelorette In August 2018 – they faced a rough patch in the summer of 2020 as they disagreed on social issues in the aftermath George Floyddeath. while the Bachelor in Heaven The alum was an outspoken supporter of the Black Lives Matter movement, Yrigoyen held several positions supporting the police amid nationwide protests and disturbances.

Who are they? I’m curious about my relationship with Garrett at this pointAll I can say now is that I don’t know,” Kafrin said during the June 2020 episode of “Bachelor Happy Hour”, adding that She did not “go with” or “consist with” her fiancé’s posts at the time. “I can’t give anything more than that. It’s something we try to work through, discuss and do work at home at this time, and that’s where the work is going to stay.”

Becca Kufrin compares Eric Scheuer to ex Garrett Yrigoyen amid the Black Face 3 controversy

Gabe Wendy and Eric Scheuer Craig Sujoden / ABC

After months of speculation, Kafrin confirmed in September 2020 that She and Yrigoyen have ended their engagement. “After many conversations, we came to this decision. It wasn’t something we had just come to in one night,” the former publisher said tearfully to podcast listeners at the time. “It wasn’t just based on a single Instagram post or someone else’s opinions or comments. There is much more than that. …just because we’ve come to this decision now doesn’t take away all the countless years and memories we made together.”

Yrigoyen moved with Alex Farrar In October 2020, while Kafrin fell in love with her Thomas Jacobs In the seventh season of Bachelor in Heavenwhich was broadcast in August 2021. They announced their engagement the following May.

While things haven’t worked out for the Bourdon founder after her Bachelor’s journey, Wendy said she’s hoping from Scheuer– Which was proposed during Tuesday 20 September final season He is serious about learning and growing from his past actions. “We didn’t have enough time to know because all of this happened recently,” she confessed to Kafrin and Michelle Young Thursday. “I think so He is in a place where he wants to change and he wants to grow. We talk about social issues a lot because they are really important to me, so even before all this happened, he knew my opinions and I would push him.”

Scheuer also issued a public apology via Instagram shortly after A picture of him wearing a black face appeared from his high school yearbook Online. “What I thought at the time was a representation of my love for Jimi Hendrix, it was nothing but ignorance,” he said in his September 9 statement. “I was naive about the harmful effects of my actions on the black community and those closest to me, and I will forever regret my aggressive and harmful behavior. I am deeply ashamed of my actions and understand that my apology is only the first step in taking responsibility.”

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