Apple @ Work: What problem does Jamf Safe Internet solve for school IT administrators?

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One of the biggest challenges school IT administrators face is protecting your students and keeping them safe online at school and at home. That’s why you invest in content filtering software. It used to be a campus-wide service, but now parents need that filter to move home. This is where Jamf comes in with its latest solution to make it easier for school IT administrators to protect students without sacrificing productivity or adding more work to their board. it’s called Jamf Safe Internet.

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Internet security is a major concern for school IT admins

Internet security on campus and at home is one of the biggest concerns for school IT administrators. Since many students use the Internet to access inappropriate content, it is important for schools to monitor what their students are doing online regardless of whether they are at home or on campus. Jamf Safe Internet helps keep your students safe from these dangers by completely blocking access to certain websites and applications using a DNS-based approach that can be easily deployed using Jamf School or Jamf Pro.

What can you control with Jamf Safe Internet?

Jamf Safe Internets starts with three predefined sets of rules: Security, Blocking, and Bandwidth Restrictions.

  • Be specific: choose from a wide range of block categories
  • Restricting high bandwidth or unproductive sites
  • Granular: Add custom rules and their scope to block certain websites that don’t fit into other categories

This protection is powered by Jamf Content Filtering and Network Threat Protection Engine.

What makes Jamf Safe Internet a good choice for school IT administrators?

Choosing the right content filtering solution can be daunting. There are many solutions to choose from, and it is important to find one that balances effectiveness, ease of use, and cost. Some solutions are too expensive or complicated for your school’s needs; Others are not very effective or difficult to use/install.

Jamf Safe Internet provides you with all the benefits of an effective content filtering system without the need for any additional training for your IT staff, thanks to its simple interface and intuitive design capabilities. It is tightly integrated with Jamf School and Jamf Pro as well. Jamf believes in a ‘prevention by inspection’ approach that allows schools to help children stay safe online without violating their privacy. Jamf signed Student privacy pledge.

How Jamf Safe Internet eliminates two common problems for IT admins

Here are a few reasons why Jamf Safe Internet is a great solution for school IT admins:

  • Enforces Google Safe Search at all times (important for Google Images)
  • Enforces YouTube Restricted Mode to hide adult content and comments

Jamf has set up an IT admin department at Jamf Safe Internet with workflows specific to the learning environment. It combines strength Jamf بيانات Data Policy And the JMF Threat Defense In a package that is easy for schools to manage, publish and monitor. I’m working on getting an existing Jamf Safe Internet customer on the next episode of Apple @ Work.

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