Aaron Rodgers has dug beams out of the fissure before; Can he do it again with the future legions of youth?

as such Green Bay prepared for their inaugural season in MinnesotaPart of the discussion focused on how to start the game, i.e. throw it deep into the novice Christian Watson In the first offensive shot.

Part of it may have been strategic: The Vikings weren’t expecting a home shot in the first play. Part of it may have been tactical: The Beams drafted Watson out of North Dakota in part for the 4.36 velocity he recorded in the expedition gathering.

And maybe, maybe, part of it was responding to the narrative and reminding everyone in the league, not to mention the Vikings, that they were still a danger despite losing the All-Pro program. Davant Adams To Las Vegas and repair a broad reception corps.

“We talked about it during the week, ‘Do you really want to start with a bombshell? ” Aaron Rodgers He said. I said: Yes, what the hell is this, and why not? This kid can really fly. Let’s give him a chance.”

So they called the play and Watson did as expected. He fell behind on secondary and free-range depth – “I thought Christian was going in a great way.”

And Rodgers, as Rodgers, threw an equally great ball, perfectly timed and positioned.

You hit Watson in the hands.

Then it hit the ground.

Confirmed touchdown pass, 75 yards, season opener and lost due to self-fault. Watson grabbed his helmet in humiliation. Rodgers rolled his eyes in frustration. The tone of the game was set, as Young Packers receivers made one mistake after another as the scrolling game stalled.

Aaron Rodgers says the Packers need to correct mistakes after his side's ugly 23-7 loss to the Vikings in Sunday's season opener.  (Photo by David Bearding/Getty Images)

Aaron Rodgers said the Packers need to correct mistakes after his side’s ugly 23-7 loss to the Vikings in their season opener on Sunday. (Photo by David Bearding/Getty Images)

Minnesota not only won 23-7. Rodgers carried 195 yards, one interception and did not land. Only 95 of those yards went into sight. (while, Adams had 10 hits for 141 yards alone in his Raiders debut.)

“We have to make those plays,” Rodgers said. “…It is the mental errors that we have to clean up, and there was a lot to be ignored.

“We knew this was going to add to the pain,” Rodgers said of the young players. “This is real football. It is necessary. It is different. There are nerves.”

Now there are lingering doubts.

It’s worth remembering, of course, that just a year ago, the Packers defeated New Orleans 38-3 in the first week. The performance was so poor, and Rodgers’ body language was so frustrating, that Fox’s previous show the following week was questioned whether the man’s cake was (seriously) a sign he didn’t want to play football anymore.

Green Bay immediately racked up seven straight wins en route to the 13-4 season. After the opening week disaster, Rodgers threw 37 touchdowns against just two interceptions and was named the league’s MVP.

So, in his words, relax.

“I feel like we did a lot better [this year]He scored four points more than we did that day,” Rodgers said. “There is a lot to build upon when comparing these two. It’s hard to win in this league and it’s definitely tough when you get in your way.”

The The Packers host Chicago on Sunday night In the editorial of their home and the discussion about Wisconsin is very simple – worried or not worried? Was this a sign of a drought after Davante, or just another slow start to a crime she had witnessed before?

It should be noted that although Rodgers has not expressed such concern about the younger receivers on a large scale, he also did not He did not express such concern about the youthful wide receivers. After Sunday’s post-match match, he just kept saying they have to improve.

“Look, we have to be patient with these guys,” Rodgers said. “They’re young. They weren’t on fire. That patience will be weaker as the season goes on, but expectations will be high. We’ll hold them accountable but there will be a drop. You hate seeing him in the first play, but there will be a drop throughout the season.”

“this happens.”

The wide receivers weren’t the only problems. Rodgers admitted he made a bunch of mistakes, too. Passing protection was also an issue, but the streak without starting tackles, even if Rodgers refused to blame injuries.

“We are professionals so there are performance expectations,” Rodgers said.

All in all, it was an ugly editorial. Green Bay has seen these before. Could the young players who surround Rodgers up and down the roster regroup?

Rodgers returned to the NFL this season because he thought they could. We will see how long this belief remains.

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