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Fargo – Kelsey Rasco knows firsthand that starting a new business is difficult. owner

dash and white

, a home and decor store at 4600 32nd Ave. S., told The Forum that she has a house guest who visits her at 3 AM every morning.

It’s called anxiety,” Rascoe joked.

But one morning, that anxiety led to an exciting opportunity.

“It was three in the morning and I saw an ad sponsored by Facebook that said ‘Want to join the biggest real-world entrepreneurship competition on Earth?’” Rasko said. “.

The program is called

“TheBlox”, part of AlphaBlox

a startup facility based in Kansas City, Kansas.

Applicants can be in the pre-start-up, startup phase, or just a few years after they start their business. The only criterion is that the business reports less than $2 million in annual revenue.

Rasco said she could barely remember what she had written that morning, but quickly moved through the application process.

“They asked me where I had been on my flight. I said, ‘Well, I’m never a coffee-bather, so statistically I’m thriving.'” “

Rasco is using grace and humor to deal with some of the setbacks it has endured since opening in 2019. Rasco was ready to move Dash & White to a new position in its Blu 32 development last April.

When you find that the contractor did not perform the work

As I promised. She had to hire a new contractor to help her open the doors.

Rasco said that while she said she had moved, the incident “still was incredibly damaging to us.”

“There’s a lot that isn’t finished. My bathrooms are unfinished. My back room is unfinished. When people comment, ‘Oh my God, I love your industrial floors’ I’m like ‘Oh, that’s a shock because I couldn’t finish my floors.'” But I joke, And that’s all part of the story now.”

09xx22.B.FF reality show

Kelsey Rasco, owner of Dash & White, has been chosen to take part in a reality show featuring entrepreneurs

David Samson / Forum

Rasco will compete on Season 6 of “TheBlox” this week in Kansas City. Rascoe said the show will stream on the AlphaBlox website and app as well as Google Play, Apple Play and other streaming platforms, likely in late 2022 or the first quarter of 2023.

Rasco describes the program as an ABC program.

shark tank

“With a little drama. Each day the contestants compete in a series of drills, pitches and tests where they earn points. The entrepreneur with the most points at the end of the week will receive an angel investment in their business.”

Perhaps the educational part of the competition is what excites Rasco the most.

AlphaBlox offers the startup curriculum, BetaBlox, through online classes and in-house incubators. Participants in “TheBlox” will be eating a lot of this material throughout the filming of the show.

Rasco said the founders of AlphaBlox “did an incredible amount of research and really examined the things that are about entrepreneurs and things that don’t matter. For example, they broke a lot of myths about education and business plans.”

Wes Bergmann

Wes Bergman has competed in 14 seasons of “Real World”, “Road Rules” and “The Challenge” on MTV.

Contribute / thechallenge.fandom.com/wiki/Wes_Bergmann

Bergman, known for being a fierce competitor on 14 seasons of MTV’s “Real World,” “Road Rules,” and “The Challenge,” is the mastermind behind the reality show.

Rasco explained that Bergman spent his time at MTV watching how shows were produced, including what worked and what failed.

“He’s very type A and he’s very analytic. And with that, he has this tremendous beauty in the way he teaches. He’s very straightforward. If anyone has a chance to research this, you can just hear his words on the site,” she said.

Winning or losing, Rasco said she is grateful for the support she has received from clients, friends and family.

Running a ‘project’ is very difficult, but it is one of the most fruitful things I can do for my children. I haven’t been able to support my family in over three years. This is really, really hard to fathom, and a lot has been put into my husband. But on the other side, my daughter was sitting Only here…watching TV and walking around. I have a lot of snacks and crayons. So, they can see me here to fulfill my dream,” she said.

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