5 things to know on September 12th: the royal family, wildfires, Ukraine, gas prices, Emmys

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1. The royal family

King Charles III officially became King of Britain on Saturday after him Take the oath as the new king In a ceremony steeped in tradition and processions. The king paid tribute to his late mother, Queen Elizabeth II, who died last week at the age of 96 after the longest reign in British history. The Queen’s official funeral It will be held on September 19thBuckingham Palace announced. In a likely poignant moment, members of the royal family will be walking behind their beloved mothers in an unusually silent procession this week. Heads of state and dignitaries from all over the world They are invited To London to join the royal family to honor Queen’s life And her service to the nation and the Commonwealth.

2. Forest fires

Drought-ravaged states in the western United States are dealing with high temperatures forest fire outbreak This forced thousands of evacuations and deteriorated air quality. Nationwide, 92 large active wildfires have burned more than 728,000 acres—most of them burning in the northwest states, National Interagency Fire Center He said. In Oregon, where 10 wildfires were actively burning on Sunday, some communities are struggling with blackouts implemented to reduce the risk of wildfires breaking out as the winds approach. In Washington, 14 fires broke out on Sunday and red flag warnings were issued. And in California, residents have seen record precipitation and Temperature record last weekAs Tropical Storm Kai made a rare close pass into the state amid a record-breaking heat wave

3. Ukraine

A growing number of US and Ukrainian officials say Ukraine is making gains in its counterattack against Russia. Last week alone Ukrainian troops Rolled through the lines of Russian defenses They regained more than 3,000 square kilometers of land, according to Ukrainian military officials. Over the weekend, the Russian withdrawal from the border areas that had been occupied since March continued. Villages located five kilometers from the border were also flying the Ukrainian flag. democratic Senator Mark Warner CNN said on Sunday that part of Ukraine’s success can be attributed to “the tremendous support from the United States and our NATO allies” given the vast amount of military equipment and intelligence that has been provided.

4. Gas prices

Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen said on Sunday there was a “risk” in that US gas prices could rise again later this year. “Well, it’s a risk. And it’s a risk that we’re working on capping prices to try to address it,” Yellen told CNN when asked if Americans should worry about gas prices going up again later this year. despite Prices at the pump Yellen’s comments remain overwhelmed, and come just months after gas prices hit a record high of $5.02 on June 14. The continuing drop in gas prices has been driven by several factors, including recession fears driving down oil prices and the fact that some Americans cut back on driving when fuel prices rose this summer.

5. Amy

The 74th Primetime Emmy Awards show will air tonight, highlighting The best shows on TV and streaming platforms. HBO’s “Succession” leads the way with 25 nominations and has earned acting nods for nearly the entire cast. Netflix’s “Stranger Things” and “Squid Game” are also competing for awards, receiving a large number of nominations. Tonight could also be history-making moments: “Squid Game” will be the first non-English language show to win Best Drama if it does. In comedy, last year’s big winner Ted Lasso won 20 awards, including Best Actor for Jason Sudeikis. The Emmys will air at 8 p.m. ET on NBC. (HBO, like CNN, is owned by Warner Bros. Discovery.)

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50 million

This is the number of people around the world trapped in modern slavery due to the economic uncertainty caused by the pandemic, armed conflict and climate crisis, According to a new report. Modern slavery refers to forced labor and forced marriage – when someone cannot refuse to comply or escape due to threats, violence, and deception.

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“I think that, just like any American, if there is evidence, that evidence should be followed up.”

– Former Secretary of State Hillary ClintonOn Sunday, she said she believed former President Donald Trump should be Treated like any other citizen When it comes to the Justice Department’s investigation into Possible mishandling of confidential documents. Clinton, who lost to Trump in the 2016 presidential election, faced scrutiny during her presidential campaign on their use of a private email server When she was Secretary of State and the potential for willful mishandling of classified information. that Investigation by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs He later found that there was “no compelling evidence” of widespread mishandling of classified information in the controversy.

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